romanies reunited

1861*Parish: Harlington -County/Island: Middlesex


 Aaron Buckland 30 head b Welldon, Wiltshire Tinker
Metinia Buckland 23 wife b Wimbledon, Surrey
Spencer Buckland 9 b Harmondsworth, Middlesex
Amadine Buckland 5 daughter b harmondsworth Middlesex
Thomas Buckland 2 b Farnham, Surrey
Danenaus Buckland 5day b Harlington, Middlesex
 1861* Parish: Abingdon St Helen:Berkshire  (Persons not in houses)
 Mary Buckland 83 head b London ?
Ariesophowus Buckland 16 g/son b Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire
Henry Buckland 14 g/son b Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire
Clementina Buckland 13 g/dau b Stokenchurch,
1861*: Isleworth All Saints : Middlesex (Wood lane)Caravans)
Gory Buckland 40 head b Isle of Wight gen/dealer
Mingie Buckland 40 wife b Worcestershire
Saglia Buckland 16 dau b Witchwood, Forest
George White 37 head bUpongray, Hampshire Gen/dealer
Mary White 37 wife b Abbifield, Berkshire
Richard White 13 son b Tordle, Kent
Sarah Cooper 57 mother b Chalgrove, Oxfordshire
Charley Smith abt 1846 N Son
 Desvia Smith abt 1853 N Daughter
 Edward Smith abt 1821 Henley, Oxfordshire Head
 Elderia Smith abt 1847 N Daughter
 John Smith abt 1859 N Son
 Lasia Smith abt 1849 N Daughter
 Lera Smith abt 1842 N Daughter
 Luba Smith abt 1856 N Daughter
 Selina Smith abt 1821 Chalbury Oxfordshire Wife
Joseph Taylor abt 1819 Walford, Hertfordshire Head Hawker (For some reason in Index it has been ammended as proper name Ayres? but on Image definitely Taylor?
Hannah Taylor abt 1823 Alton, Hampshire, England Wife
Albert Taylor abt 1851 N Son
Delia Taylor abt 1843 N Daughter
 Elizabeth Taylor abt 1850 N Daughter
 Goliath Taylor abt 1845 N Son
  Henry Taylor abt 1854 N Son
George Taylor 5
Emma Taylor 3
Alfred Taylor 1
1861*Olney, Buckinghamshire
Plato Loverige abt 1816 Winwick, Hampshire basket/maker
Hannah Loverige abt 1821 Shutlanger, Northamptonshire Wife
Benjamin Loverige abt 1848 Towcester, Northants Son
 George Loverige abt 1846 Towcester, Northamptonshire Son
  John Loverige abt 1851 Towcester, Northamptonshire Son
 Mary Loverige abt 1856 Towcester, Northants Daughter
 Thos Loverige abt 1854 Towcester, Northamptonshire Son
Joseph Loverige son 6 months b Olney Bucks

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