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 Kindly sent in by Sandy

The baptism of a gypsy child, recorded in Arborfield parish, 18 January 1889 (document ref. D/P6/1/5), contains an interesting note by the Incumbent (Revd.
John Jones), on the reason for performing the baptism in his parish.The child, James, son of William and Emily Smith (father described as a “Gypsy Pedler”), was baptised because:“Emily Smith said she was on her way from the encampment near the Duke of Wellington’s Monument Stratfield Saye to Bristol her infant was ill of bronchitis & she said the doctor of Swallowfield had told her to get it baptised”.

Kindly sent in by Julie Grisman GYPSIES
Bedfordshire Parish Register Series *BPRS Vol. 18, B70
18 Apr 1682 Burial of Jane Lee "a traveller called a gipsey" Flitton with Silsoe
BPRS Vol. 33, A12 "Mrs. Herne a Gypsey Queen 6 Jn 1691 20th of August 1691 Was buried by me Ed. Hargrave."
Stanbridge.BPRS Vol. 68, p.112 Burial of Ann Bosswell, "Queen of the 22 Feb 1720 Gypsies". Husborne Crawley.
BPRS Vol. 18, B77 Burial of "A travelling woman, commonly 3 Mar 1724 called a Gypsy." Flitton with Silsoe
BPRS Vol. 68, p.112 Burial of Chas., son of Phoenix Hern, a 27 Jun 1740 gipsy. Husborne Crawley.
BPRS Vol. 33, D4 Baptism of Eliz., d. "Mounteque" & Rose 31 Jul 1748 Hearn, "travler or gipsey".Billington
BPRS Vol. 56, p.46 Burial of Dives Draper "a poor 30 Dec 1751 Gypsy-Boy." Chellington
BPRS Vol. 16, B43 Burial of "An Egyptian's child", Oakley 5 Jan 1752
BPRS Vol. 34, B11 Baptism of Francis, s. of Mich. & Mary 17 Jan 1753
Smith "who go by the name of gypsies."Carlton
BPRS Vol. 68, p.112 Burial of Hen. Boswell, a gipsy child. 27 Jun 1762 Husborne Crawley
BPRS Vol. 27, p.27 Baptism of Hen., s. Wm. and "Galene" 3 Jul 1764 Buckland, gypsies. Cranfield
BPRS Vol. 44, p.23 Baptism of Thos., s. Wm. & Ann Smith 8 Feb 1767 "a Gipsy born in Kings Cow-hovel."Marston Moreteyne
BPRS Vol. 13, A86 Burial of Sabra, d. of Jn. & Margt. 2 Apr 1768 Smith, a gypsy traveller, from the workhouse. Northill
BPRS Vol. 43, p.27 Baptism of Jn., s. Lawr. & Eliz. Smith 5 Feb 1769 "Egyptians", Wootton
BPRS Vol. 21, B66 Burial of Letitia Hern, "a gypsey girl." 28 Mar 1769 Clophill GYPSIES
Bedfordshire Parish Register Series continued Date
BPRS Vol. 26, C3 Burial of Sabarata, d. Jn. & Margt. 22 Jan 1770 Smith, gypsies.Astwick
BPRS Vol. 8, p.38 Baptism of Nanny, d. Timothy & Eliz. 25 Mar 1770 Buchler "a travelling gipsey." Cardington
BPRS Vol. 5, A16 Baptism of "A Gipsey child" 17 Nov 1771 Roxton
BPRS Vol. 8, p.39 Baptism of Sinurus, d. Jn. & Margt. 30 Aug 1772 Smith (a travelling gipsy.) Cardington
BPRS Vol. 21, B24 Baptism of Jn. Smyth "born of parents 6 Apr 1773 commonly distinguished by the name of Gipsies.” Clophill
BPRS Vol. 66, p.49 Baptism of Separata, d. Margt. & Frank 8 Feb 1779 Heron, gipsies. Arlesey
BPRS Vol. 38, A34 Marriage of Pet Gray to Sar. King, both 17 Mar 1782 now in this parish but sojourners or gypsies. Stotfold
BPRS Vol 12, p 49 Baptism Severici d. Emmanuel & Aquilla 9 Nov 1783 Buckland travelling gypsy. Southill
BPRS Vol. 70, p.91 Burial of Love Vicar Draper, a gipsy, 15 Jan 1784 Poor. Langford
BPRS Vol. 6, A50 Baptism of Sarah d. of Manywell 20 Nov 1785
Bucklow "a vagrant Gypsie." Sandy
BPRS Vol. 13, A33 Baptism of Lilburne 11 Dec 1785 d. of [ ] (gipsey).Northill
BPRS Vol. 65, p.71 Baptism of Moses s. Dan & Violet Lovell 3 Feb 1788 vagrant gipseys.Houghton Regis
Brigg, W. The Parish Registers of Haynes,. 17 & 24 Apr 1791 p. 119 Record of Banns of marriage Tobias Smith
(Gysey) single man and Elizabeth Dines Spinr "N.B. The Banns withdrawn at ye. instance of Eliz. Dines (a Minor) & her Mother." Note** added later `Tobias capitally convicted of Horse Stealing at Bedford Lent Assizes March 10th 1792. Executed April 3rd
Bedfordshire Parish Register Series continued Date
BPRS Vol. 27, p. 84 Burial of "Gypsey Billey a travelling 30 Sep 1791 fiddler pauper." Cranfield
BPRS Vol. 65, p. 168 Burial of Susnh. d. Abr Jones, a gypsey. 8 Apr 1794 Houghton Regis
BPRS Vol. 65, p. 73 Baptism of Spanish d. Dan & Virtue Lovel 18 Apr 1794 gipseys. Houghton Regis
BPRS Vol. 66, p. 49 Burial of Eliz. Draper, a travelling 31 Mar 1799 gipsey aged 108 years. Arlesey
BPRS Vol. 65, p. 170 Burial of `A Gipsey's child, name 19 Sep 1799 unknown.' Houghton Regis
BPRS Vol. 49, p. 116 Burial of Soloman Smith "an Egyptian." 8 Mar 1801 Wilstead
BPRS Vol.5, A47 Burial of Jemima Smith "a gipsy who died 28 Sep 1803 in the field." Roxton
BPRS Vol. 10, C9 Baptism of Edw. s. Chas & Silence 16 Sep 1804 McLean (Rechabites or Gypsies).Willington
BPRS Vol. 44, p. 30 Baptism of Louisa d. of Jn. & Mary 7 Jul 1805 Smith "Gypsies".Marston Morteyne
BPRS Vol. 10, C9 Baptism of Chas. s. Chas. & Sophia 14 Dec 1806 Macklin "of the people called Gypsies"Willington
BPRS Vol. 10, A22 Baptism Jas., s. Chas. & Sophia Mullane, 28 Feb 1808 gipsy. Old Warden
BPRS Vol. 10, A22 Bapt. Eliz. of Thos. & Eliz. O[?w] ded, 19 May 1808 gipsy. Old Warden
BPRS Vol. 77, p. 108 Burial of Len Hearn a gypsey, Studham 26 Sep 1808
BPRS Vol. 10, A22 Bapt. Margt. d. Jn. & Mary Peace, gipsy. 20 Nov 1808 Old Warden
BPRS Vol. 47, p. 25 Baptism of Edw. s of Wm. & Verementa 22 Jan 1809 Curtis "gypsies."Ravensden
P 50/1/14 Burial of Lazarus Draper, 85 yrs, of dropsy 28 Nov 1819“A Gypsey in camp at Lowsden Wood
P44/5/2 (Shillington). Payment in churchwardens' 1626 accounts "given to Gipseys, 3s."
P5/9 (Wyboston, Eaton Socon) 1696 removing parcels or a company of Gipsies
P 69/13/2 Removal order for Paccata Boswell, "a person 17 Nov 1768 pretending to be a Gypsie and wandering in
the habit and form of an Egyptian and lying in the field and outhouses". Southill .
P 20/9/1 Constables account book, Tempsford 1786-1841 Several references to the removal of gipsies.
QSR1872/17 (21) Gaol calendar – Tobias Smith, convicted Bedford Lent Assizes 10 March executed 3rd April for horse stealing. 1792
R3/4421 Russell Correspondence: 'Boundary of Wandon Heath plantations a great resort for gipsies.' 1841
Q.S.R. 1817 - 233, 234 Party of gipsies who became troublesome at 1817 the Six Bells at Felmersham
QGV 10/1 Gaol Register. John Smith, place committed 20 June 1825 of last abode, Northill.Described as a gypsey.
QGV 10/4 p.82 Gaol Register. Edward Draper committed 25 Oct 1864 born Wheathampstead, Herts. Gypsy fiddler.
1871 Census Eastcotts Smith family 1871
1871 census Clapham Loveridge family. 1871
P100/1/38 Letter concerning the registration of the marriage 1889 of a gypsy at St. Peter's Church, Bedford