romanies reunited

1881 CENSUS Church Stretton :Shropshire :
Street address:In Caravan All Stretton
Cornelius Price49 Basket maker head
Sessey Price 48 wife
Mary A. Price1 dau of rob and matilda
Matilda Price27 wife of robert
Richard Price28 razor grinder cousin
Robert Price27 razor grinder brother
Rosanna Price28 wife of richard
1891 CENSUS Pontesbury Shropshire
Cornelius Price61 Travelling hawker
Sena Price60
1901 Census Shrewsbury St Chad Shropshire .
Cornelius Price69 Rag gatherer.
Sano Price67
1871 CENSUS (all razor grnders etc)Gypsys tents on the common.
Llanpumsaint County/Island: Glamorgan Country: Wales
Josiah Price42 b Broseley, Shropshire
Ashala Price30 b Dewsbury, Shropshire
Ella Price14
Jesse Price3
Maklck Price10 dau B Laubordy, Carmarthenshire
Rossana Price12 b Ponkydryum, Flintshire, Wales
Ruth Price6 months dau b Shrewsbury, Shropshire,
Susana Price 8 b St Clears, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Hope Price 40 b/in/law
Matilda Price28 sis/in/law
Hope Price 6 nephew
1851 CENSUS*Cambridge Sub-reg/ district: St Andrew
Elijah Odell 48 hd umbrella maker
Jane Odell 46 (nee Smith)
Alfred Odell 6
Alice Odell 8
David Odell 1
Fanny Odell 25
Moses Odell 12
Sophy Odell 10
Sylfester Odell 3 DAU?? checked image and in female column?and def said dau?
1881*St Andrew The Less County/Island: Cambridgeshire
Elijah Odell 88 gen dealer head
Sylvester Rolfe 34 dau widower char.woman (I checked the image and it is sylvester and female?)she married Alf Rolfe 1864)
Alfred Rolfe 15g son g dealers assistant
 Jane Rolfe 14 g dau no occ
1871 Cambridge Sub-reg/district: St Andrew the Less
Moses Odell 33 Lab
Charlotte Odell wife 34
Amey Odell10
Fanny Odell 13
Jane Odell 9
Lousia Odell 6
Mary Ann Odell10 months
William Odell 12 SON? checked image and there is 2 williams?IT WAS WALTER 1868
William Odell 4 SON?(WALTER) carefull as a william walter as well>?
1881:CENSUS Cambridge Sub-reg/district: St Andrew the Less
Bertha Odell 4
Charlotte Odell 44
Charlotte Odell 9
David Odell 8
Mary Ann Odell10
Moses Odell 43
Roland Odell 6
Walter Odell13
1891 :CENSUS Cambridge Sub-reg/district: St Andrew the Less
Bertha Odell14
Charlotte Odell54
Charlotte Odell19
Mary A Odell20
Moses Odell53
Roland Odell16
1901:CENSUS Cambridge Sub-Reg/ district: St Andrew the Less
Charlotte Odell64
Mary A Odell30
Moses Odell63
Rebecca Odell19
1871 Fair held in the Market Place, Cricklade, Swindon, Wiltshire,
page 49 to 53 on Census! large Camp!
Thomas Williams, 33, Iron Bridge, head
Sarah Williams, 33, Dudley, wife
Nancy Harcourt, 22, Dudley, sister
Thomas Harcourt, 1, Dudley
Charles Payne, 24, Oxford, servant
Henry Edwards, 18, Dudley, servent
Arthur James 18, Stranton, Berkshire, servant
Joseph Rogers, 64, Swindon, slept on side of canal in a stable
William Dixon, 26, Bainworth, Wiltshire, slept on side of canal in a stable
Thomas Sketchley, 56, Leicester, head, traveller with a show
Annie Sketchley, 46, Leciester, wife
Charles, 1, Highworth, Wiltshire, son
Eliza, 17, Leicester, daughter
Emma, 11, Sharnford, Leicestershire, daughter
Harriet, 7, Grantham, daughter
Henry, 14, Northamptonshire, son
Samuel, 19, Leicester, son
William, 2, Peterborough, son
Henry Talbert, 22, unmarried, Darmouth, head, travelling with shooting gallery
John Beard, 30, Malven, head, photographer (shooting gallery)
Sarah E Beard, 41, Stand, Gloucestershire, wife, assisting
Elizabeth Pool, 14, Hanley, Staffordshire, servant
John Clack, 56, head, travellers with two shows
Tabitha Clack, 60, wife, Hanley, Staffordshire
David Holder, 71, Richock, Oxfordshire, servant
Henry Bicknall, 21, Richock, Oxfordshire, servant
William Rudler, 67, Finstock, head, traveller (confectioner)
Jane Rudler, 40, wife
Frederick Acton, 11, servant
Thomas Farmer ?, 64, Watage, head, licensed hawker
William, 30, Wantage, son
John, 25, Wantage, Berkshire, son
Robert Hares, 29, Oxford, head, traveller
Phala, 28, Canada, wife
Harvey, 1 month, Oxford, son
Robert, 6, Bristol, son
Henry Horton, 50, Birmingham, head, photographer
Mary A Horton, 52, Birmingham, wife
William Manders, 44, London, head, showman
Sarah, 39, London, wife
Amalia, 14, Mitchlea, daughter
Ellen, 19, daughter
Horace, 7, son
William Wallser, 28, London, showman
Mary Wallser, 26, wife, London
John Cumming, 16, servant
Frederick Wildman, 45, Monmouth, Wales, head, photographer
Mary A wildman, 32, Dudley, Monthmouth, wife
Julia, 7, Trowbridge, daughter
Pricilla Penfold 1dau
Rose Penfold 3 dau
William Penfold 13 nephew
Robert Sedgwick, 29, Surrey, head, travellers with a shooting gallery
Mary, 24, Surrey, wife
Samuel, 17 months, Surrey, son
Ellen, 5, Surrey, daughter
Febba ?, 3 months, surrey, daughter
William White, 28, Surrey, servant
Caroline Wagen ?, 18, Surrey, servant
Rose Gouge?, 18, Surrey, servant
Henry Barrett, 25, Wantage, head, travellers in cakes, etc. etc.
Sarah, 28, Wantage, wife
Eliza Barrett, 22, Wantage, servant
Anna, 8 months, Wantage, daughter
Eliza, 6, Wantage, daughter
Thomas, 3, Wantage, son
Richard Farmer, 27, Wantage, head, licensed hawker
Harriet, 23, Wantage, wife
Thomas, 16 months, Wantage son
George Ruffell, 40 b West ?occ hawker
Ann, 40, Essex, wife
Harriet, 9, Essex, daughter
James, 3, Essex, son
John, 7, Essex, son
Maria, 19, Essex, daughter
William 5, Essex, son
Mary Donelor Danel?, 52, Orston, Lancashire, wife, hawker
Edward, 22, Devizes, son
Ellen, 17, Devizes, daughter
Henry, 15, Devizes, son
William Whitwell, 26, Oxfordshire, head, gen/trader
Maria, 23, Oxfordshire, wife
John, 7, Oxfordshire, son
Sarah,6 weeks, Oxfordshire, daughter
William Hardwick, 38, Norfolk, head, traveller at fair with cakes
Elizabeth Hardwick, 38, Norfolk, wife
Emily, 8 months, Norfolk, daughter
John Fossett, 26, Tunbridge, head, travellers, photographer
Sarah, 22, Tunbridge, wife
Mary Garred, 18, Tunbridge, servant
Robert Quick, 30, Chepstow, head, licensed hawkers
Elizabeth, 40, Chepstow, wife
Charles Brunsdon ?, 23, Oxfordshire, servant
James Rogers, 32, Bristol, servant
Harry Ayres, 22, Oxfordshire, head, labourer with shooting gallery
Priscilla, 20, Cambridgshire, wife
William Newman, 28, Portsmouth, head
Fanny, 30, Plymouth, wife
Eliza, 10, Portsmouth, daughter
Sarah, 1, daughter, Portsmouth
Alexander Granger, 21 (black) servant, British subject at Barbadoes
John Jennings, 50, Rockley, Wiltshire, head, labourer, licensed hawker
Rosanna, 48, Ludgellshall, wife
Anna, 6, Andover, daughter
Elizabeth, 13, Devizes, Wiltshire, daughter
Emily, 8, Steaple Canning, daughter
Harvey, 3, andover, Hampshire, son
John, 17, Marlborough, son
Mary A, 15, Devizes, daughter
William, 19, Andover, son
1891Lady St Marys: Wareham Dorset
Born all blank?
James Penfold no age given hd Lic/hawker
Pricilla Penfold 10 wife?of james(obviously wrong?)
Alfred Penfold 5 son
Fairfut Penfold 9/12 dau
Johnny Penfold 12 son
Olis Penfold 7 dau
Patrice Penfold 11 dau
Pricilla Penfold 1dau
Rose Penfold 3 dau
William Penfold 13 nephew
Pricilla Penfold 19 hd /hawker
Arissa Penfold 4 sister
Betsy Penfold 8 sister
Pake Penfold 7 sister
Richard Penfold 10 brother
Thos Penfold 6 brother