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1881*Heaton Norris, Lancashire

  Kensa BOSWELL Head 26  Lincoln Cuttler    

 Matilda BOSWELL Wife 25   Lincoln  Hawker    

 Sampson BOSWELL Son  5   Buxton Derby  

  Mary GRAYOther   W   50   Boston, Lincoln Hawker  


1881* Lady Barn Lane Tents In A Field

 Census Place Withington, Lancashire, England

Isaac HERRON  Head 59   Southburton Lincoln Hawkers      

 Penpy HERRON Wife 55  Southburton Lincoln  Hawkers    

 Earthelba BOSWELL   G Daur U 15  Didsbury Lancashire

 Bosca BOSWELL   Grand Son  7   Birmingham, Warwick


  Eser HERRON  Head 31   Lime, Norfolk  Hawkers Gipsies    

 Eder HERRON  Wife 29   Lime, Norfolk Hawkers Gipsies    

 Augustus HERRON Son   7   Birmingham Hawkers Gipsies    

 Arecea HERRON   Son   3   Nottingham  Hawkers Gipsies    

 Benturin HERRON Son 2   Linn Norfolk   Hawkers Gipsies    


  Francis SMITH Head  65Epping Forest  Travelling Hawkers    

 Hannah SMITH Wife   40 Epping Forest  Travelling Hawkers      

 John SMITH   Son     35   Epping Forest  Travelling Hawkers  


1881* Sturton & Bransby, Lincoln

 Alfred BOSSWELL   Head    67   Hull York Tinner & Brazier    

 Elizabeth BOSSWELL Wife    62   Hull, York

 Alfred BOSSWELL Son  30   LincolnLabour    

 Ellen BOSSWELL Dau   21   Lincoln

 Lackriey BOSSWELL Son  19   Lincoln

 Jane BOSSWELL  Dau   16   Lincoln

 Alfred WILSON   Grandson 16   Lincoln


1881*Kilburn Lane Van In a  Field*

 Levi BOSWELL Head 70 b  WorcesterTinman Brazier    

 Maryann BOSWELL Wife  59 b  Middlesex

 Louisa BOSWELL   Daur 9 b  Middlesex

 Hope BOSWELL   Son 41 b  Northampton  Tinman    


1881* Census Place Walcot Somerset

Septaria BOSWELL  Head 40 Churchill Oxford Basket Maker    

 Sepnephy BOSWELLWife 50Churchill Oxford  Basket Maker    

 Disirah BOSWELL Daur U  Female 30 Henley Oxford Hawker    

 Vira BOSWELL Daur  U  Female 23  Bath Somerset Hawker    

 Leonard BOSWELL Son U  Male21 Layfield Oxford Hawker  


 Mary M. CARTHY Hd/ Widow 65 Ireland   Saleswoman Pedlar    

 Annie CARTHY   Daur  28   Bath Somerset   Saleswoman Pedlar    

 John CARTHY   Gr Son    Bath Somerset      


 Celina BOSWELL Hd/  Widow36   Wiltshire   Pedlar    

 John BOSWELL Son 12   Bath, Somerset Scholar    

 Louisa BOSWELL  Daur 9   Bath, Somerset Scholar    

 Darcos BOSWELL Daur 6   Bath, Somerset Scholar



 Macintyre BOSWELL Head  24  Congleton, Cheshire   Cutlery Grinder    

 Bridget BOSWELL Wife  22 Macclesfield, Cheshire    

 John Thomas BOSWELL Son 5 m Leek Stafford


 1881*Burton Upon Trent Stafford Street Addres:77 Napier St

 Josaiah BOSWELL Head 35   Derby Derby Cutler & Grinder    

 Eldry BOSWELL  Wife 30   Longton Stafford Dressmaker    

 Edward BOSWELL Son 8   Derby Derby Scholar    

 Deonah BOSWELL Daur 3   Derby Derby Scholar  


 Hope SHERIFF Head   26   Mickleover Derby Cutler & Grinder    

 Etty SHERIFF   Wife   24  Derby Basket Maker    

 Maria SHERIFF  Daur   5   Breadford Derby    

 Joseph SHERIFF Son   3   Derby  

 Uriah SHERIFF   Son   1   Derby


 Peter BOSWELL  Head 69   W Bromwich Stafford Rag & Bone Merchant    

 Harriet BOSWELL Wife 59   W Bromwich Stafford    

 Henry BOSWELL Son  13   W Bromwich StaffordMarine r    


1881* Birmingham, Warwick.

 Mary Ann BOSWELL Head W  62   Bham, Warwick

 George BOSWELL Son 31 Bham Warwick  Wire Drawer    

 Right BOSWELL Son 30   Bham Warwick  Metal Smith  

 Louisa BOSWELL Daughter  25   Bham Warwick  Cocoa Boxer    

 Lillian BEDDOES   GDaughter  20 Bham, Warwick  Laquerer  


1881*Dairy Ground In Caravan

  Census Place Bramhall, Cheshire

  Benjamin BOSWELL Head 49   StourbridgeWorcester Horse Dealer    

 Jane BOSWELL  Wife 46   Cambridge  Horse Dealers Wife    

 Rabbi BOSWELL  Son 24   Bilston, Stafford, England

 Lora BOSWELL  Dau  21   Aldridge, StaffordEngland

 Herbert BOSWELL Son 18   Stoke On Trent Stafford

 Henrietta BOSWELL Dau 6   Eccleshall Stafford Horse

 Miriam BOSWELL Dau 14   Sutton Coldfield Warwick

 Joshua BOSWELL Son 12   Weston Acton Stafford    

 Beatrice ? BOSWELL Dau  10   Stoke On Trent, Stafford

 Albert BOSWELL   Son      Male   8   Betley, Stafford

 ... BOSWELL Son Male   6   Alsager, Stafford, England

 Mary G. BOSWELL Dau  4   Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire  


1881*Dwelling   The Moss Gipsy Tent

  Census Place Hale, Cheshir

 Gelderi BOSWELL Head  27  Leeds York Basket Maker    

 Annoria BOSWELL Wife  25  Crew Cheshire    

 Edward BOSWELL Son 6  Altrincham Cheshire    

 Lewis BOSWELL  Son  5  Leek Stafford    

 Georgina BOSWELL  Daur  3  West Gorton Lancashire    

 Gravelia BOSWELL  Daur 12 m  Wilmslow Cheshire


1881*Ashton On Mersey, Cheshire

 Leonard BOSWELL Hd  38 Derby Horse Dealer    

 Eliza BOSWELL Wife  35 Stafford    

 Obadiah BOSWELL Son8 Cheshirer    

 Berther BOSWELL Daur 6 Knutsford Cheshire

 Julia BOSWELL Daur  4 Cheshirear    

 Lily BOSWELL Daur 2  Cheshire  

 Samuel M. BOSWELL Son 1 m  Sale Cheshire      


1881*Brighton St

  Census Place Liscard, Cheshire

 Silvester BOSWELL Hd U   77 York  Worker In Cane (Strolling Musicians)    

 Byron BOSWELL  Son 37   London  Worker In Cane (Strolling Musicians)    

 Bruce BOSWELL  Son 31   Braintree Essex  Worker In Cane (Strolling Musicians)    


1881Common Lodging House*No 22 Trelowarren St.

 Census Place Camborne Cornwall

 Arthur TAYLOR   Lodger   M   Male   50   Ireland   Hawker    

 Ann TAYLOR   Lodger M   50   Ireland   Hawker    

 Arthur TAYLOR   Lodger 13   Camborne Cornwall   Hawker    

 Unity BOSWELL   Lodger   U   20   Bodmin, Cornwall Hawker    

 Anges BOSWELL   Lodger U   18   Plymouth Devon  Hawker    

 Saml. WILLIAMS   Lodger   M  35   Ireland   Hawker    

 Sarah WILLIAMS   Lodger   M  24   Ireland   Hawker    


1881 Census Roche St Austell Carbis Cornwall

Boswell Gypsy aged 45 born 1864 NK

Boswell Gypsy aged 17 (Daughter) born 1867 NK

Boswell Gypsy aged 14 ( M ) Nephew born 1867 NK


1881 Census Lodging House 22 Treowarren Str Redruth Camborne Cornwall

Anges Boswell aged 18 born 1863 Plymouth Devon Hawker

Unity Boswell aged 20 born 1861 Bodmin

Arthur Taylor aged 50 born 1831 Ireland ( Hawker)

Anne Taylor aged 50 Born 1831 Ireland

James Taylor aged 35 born 1846 Exeter

Arthur Taylor aged 13 born 1868 Camborne Cornwall


1881 Census Grampound St Austell Cornwall

Samues Boswell aged 40 born 1841 St Stephens Cornwall( Gypsy)

Cicely Boswell aged 17 born 1864 St Stephens ( Daughter)


1881 Census Tormoham Newton Abbot Torquay Devonshire

No 3 Church Street Galheta Cottage

William Henry Boswell aged 76 born 1805 Penzance ( Hawker)

Sarah Boswell aged 60 born 1821 Clist St Mary Devonshire

Bessie Boswell aged 18 born 1863 Torquay Appr Dress Maker

No 13 Church Street torquay Devonshire

William Boswell aged 41 born 1840 Exeter Groom

Mary Boswell aged 37 born 1844 Cheriton Fitz Paine Devonshire

Mary C Boswell aged 14 born 1867 Torquay

William Henry Boswell aged 10 born 1871 Torquay

Emma M Boswell aged 6 born 1875 Torquay

Samuel Joseph Boswell aged 1 born 1881 Torquay


1881 Census RG11/2179/66 page 7 Halwell Harberton Totnes Devon Traveling

Gypsies in Caravans.

John Buckland born 1859 America (son in law) aged 22

Phebe Buckland born 1861 Somerset (daughter of Richard Stanley) aged 20

traveling with family are :

Ellen Stanley born 1835 Northamptonshire aged 46

Richard Stanley born 1828 Gloucestershire aged 55

Richard Stanley born 1870 Prawle Devon (Nephew) aged 11

Thomas Stanley born born 1857 Taunton Somerset aged 24

Unity Stanley born 1860 America aged 21

traveling with family are :

Albert Harris born 1845 Harberton Devonshire (Ag labour) aged 36

Hannah Harris born 1847 Harberton Devonshire aged 34

Albert Harris born 1868 Ashprington Devonshire aged 13

Ernest Harris born 1870 Ashprington Devonshire aged 11


1881 Census RG11/2226/76 page 10 North Tawton Oakhampton Devonshire

Caravan in South Week lane Gyspy Hawkers

Annie Stanley born 1866 north Tawton aged 15

Bessie Stanley born 1870 north Tawton aged 11 (married William James 1891 Tavistock )

Genty Stanley born 1873 north Tawton aged 8 (married Moses Buckland 1891 Tavistock)

Henry Stanley born 1877 north Tawton aged 4 (married Eliza Small 1893 Oakhampton)

James Stanley born 1831 north Tawton aged 50

Lilly Stanley born 1860 north Tawton aged 21

Phoebe Stanley born 1861 north Tawton aged 20 ( married William Westlake 1881 Oakhampton)

Sophia Stanley born 1875 north Tawton aged 6 (married Robert James 1898 Tavistock)

Unity Stanley born 1834 north Tawton aged 47

William Stanley born 1862 north Tawton aged 19 ( married a Betsey)






1881 Cenus* Bristol St Philip & Jacob Out Gloucestershire Gypsies *

John Buckland born 1836 Clayfield Staffordshire aged 45

Fanity Buckland born 1836 Stratton Wilts aged 45

Henry Buckland born 1860 Whitney Oxfordshire aged 21

Jenty Buckland born 1864 Filkes Oxfordshire aged 17

Joseph Buckland born 1862 Worcestershire aged 19

Minnie Buckland born 1866 St George Gloucestershire 15

Adolphus Buckland born 1871 Bristol aged 10

Sarah Buckland born 1878 Bristol aged 3


1881*81 Hope StreetLeeds: York

Mathais MITCHEL  40  Nottingham Hd Gen Dealer

Mary HOLMS 16  Leeds York  Neice  House Keeper

John HOLMS 14 Leeds York Nephew Lab

Thomas HOLMS 13  Leeds York  Nephew


1881* Census RG11/2186/56 page 1 Plympton St Mary Yealmpton Devonshire

Caravans Horse-dealers Licenced Hawkers

Betsey Buckland born 1843 Devon aged 38

Caroline Buckland born 1874 Cornwall aged 7

Eliza Buckland born 1877 Devon aged 4

Genty Buckland born 1864 Cornwall aged 17

Joshua Buckland born 1870 Cornwall aged 15

Keziah Buckland born 1870 Somerset aged 11

Plato Buckland born 1841 Bedfordshire aged 40

Selina Buckland born 1881 Yealmpton aged 1

Sophia Buckland born 1868 Devon aged 13

Tryphena Buckland born 1872 Warwickshire aged 9


1881: Little Marlow Caravan 3 Wycombe Buckinghamshire

Plato Buckland born 1836 aged 45 Little Marlow Trawler & Dealer (Coster)

Mary Maria Dormer born 1841 cook & Servant Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire aged 40

Albert Williams born 1877 Reading Berkshire aged 4

Alfred Williams born 1868 Thame aged 13

Ann Williams born 1836   NK aged 45

Jobey Williams born 1869 NK aged 12

Motey Williams born 1871 near Henley Oxfordshire aged 10

Nathan Williams born 1873 Oxfordshire aged 8

Owen Williams born 1867 NK aged 14


1881 Tavistock Carkael Village Green Bannerock St Devonshire Caravans & Tents

Tenant Buckland born 1818 Bristol Somerset aged 63  Horse dealer Hawker)

Keziah Buckalnd born 1820 Bath Somerset aged 61

Nelson Buckland born 1858 America aged 23 (son)

Betsey Buckland born 1853 Bristol Somerset aged 28 (Nelson wife)

Eliza Buckland born 1875 Plymouth Devonshire aged 6  daughter of Nelson)

Edith Smith (Buckland) born 1859 Bristol Somerset aged 22  daughter of Tenant)

Wisdom Smith born 1848 Bristol Somerset aged 33 (husband of Edith)

Sophy Smith born 1880 Birmingham aged 1

Nelson Smith born 1881 Callington Cornwall aged 3weeks

Annie Buckland born 1863 Bodmin Cornwall aged 18

Henry Buckland born 1864 Truro Cornwall aged 17

Betsey Buckland born 1865 Truro Cornwall aged 16

Plato Buckland born 1866 Plymouth Devonshire aged 15

Moses Buckland born 1867 Dartmouth aged 14

Esther Buckland born 1868 Kingsbridge Devonshire aged 13

traveling with family are:

Mary Howard born 1824 Tavistock Devonshire aged 57  Fruit Seller Coster)

Jane Jones born 1846 Tavistock Devonshire aged 35 ( wife of a Corporal in 1st Reg Devonshire)

Emily Dann born 1868 Tavistock Devonshire aged 13

William Thomas Dann born 1871 Tavistock Devonshire  10


1881: Cheshire Bramhall England

Benjamin Boswell  49 b Slowbridge

Wife: Jane Boswell  46 b Cambridge

Son: Rabbi Boswell  24 b Bristol

Daughter: Lora Boswell  21 b. Aldridge

Son: Herbert Boswell 18 b Gloucestershire

Daughter: Henrietta Boswell  16

Daughter: Mirian Boswell  14

Son: Josia? Boswell 12 b

Daughter: Keulio? Boswell 10

Son:  Boswell  8

Son:  Boswell  6  

Daughter: Mary Boswell 4


1881*Caravans, Udalls Field Putney, Surrey

Robert PENFOLD 31  Putney Surrey Head Travellers

Mary A. PENFOLD 30 Putney Surrey Wife Travellers

Louisa PENFOLD  3  Hackney Middlesex (Daur) Travellers

Henry PENFOLD   1   Battersea, Surrey (Son) Travellers


William PENFOLD  32   N K, England Head Traveller

Priscilla  PENFOLD 31  Putney, Surrey Traveller

Edward PENFOLD   6 Battersea, Surrey Traveller

James PENFOLD   1  Wanstead, Essex Traveller

Ellen PENFOLD   12  Battersea, Surrey  Traveller

Nancy PENFOLD   8  Battersea, Surrey  Traveller

1881 Somerset: Wrington

William Lock, age 31 b GloucestershireTinman / Hawker

Wife: Rebecca Lock, age 27, b. Gloucestershire

Son: Merrick Lock, age 10, b. Gloucestershire

Son: Adam Lock, age 8, b. Gloucestershire

Daughter: Naomi Lock, age 6, b. Gloucestershire

Daughter: Ada Lock, age 13, b. Gloucestershire

Wife's Mother: Cinderella Lock, age 50, she is a widow ( Lock surly isn't her last name? ), b. Gloucestershire

Brother in Law: Rueben Lock, age 24, b. Gloucestershire, he is married, he is a traveling tinker

Sister in Law: Labina Lock age 22 b Gloucestershire

 ( census taker notes they were all born in the county of Gloucestershire and have been living Nailsea area during the winter months and that the children have gone to school, and they appear to be Gypsies )

18818census Shropshire Kemberton

Leonard Lock age 30 b Bridgeworth Horse Dealer

Wife: Mary Lock age 27 b Kemberton

Son: Yainues? Lock age 5 b Kemberton

Daughter: Rhoda Lock age 3 b Kemberton

Daughter: Agnes Lock age 8 months, b. Kemberton

Nephew: Elijah Davies age 14 b Broadley? Horse Dealer's


1881*Gipsies Stoke Upon Trent County Staffordshire

Tent (Off Abbey Road)

Perrin Lee 27 b Bewdley Worcestershire

Christmas Lee 24 wife b Shropshire England

Ernest Lee 2 b Bury Lancashire

Jeannette Lee 10 days b Hanley Staffordshire

Melvena Lee 7 b Under Valley Monmouth, Wales

Rudolphus Lee 10 days b Hanley Staffordshire

Selesia Lee 5 Pontypool Monmouth Wales


Sampson Lee 67 wid/basket maker

Shandras Lee son 40

Charles Lee son 24

Ell?? Lee dau 23

Seth Lee 20 son

Mary Lee dau/in/law33 (wife of Shandras)


James Boswell 67  visitor b Woodgaley, Warwickshire

Trinity Gibbs 48  male hd b Worcestershire,

Betsy Boswell 26  visitor b Staffordshire,

 James Boswell 4 Staffordshire,


Alice Smith 50  hd b Huntingdon,

 Madona Smith 24 dau b Northamptonshire,


Census Place: Chobham, Surrey :Dwelling: The Folly

George BULL       50   Rel: Husband (Head) Gipsies

Maygenta BULL   55  Female  Rel: Wife

Albert BULL        18   Male    Rel: Son No

Ellen Lamb BULL 10 uildford Surrey Daur:

Henry BULL        8    Alton, Hampshire  Rel: Son

Job BULL           4    The Folley   Rel: Son  

Rosenia BULL    2     Female Binstead, Hampshire,

Brighah BULL     2 m Female The Folley


 1881*Encamped By The Highway In Tents

 Census Place Findern, Derby.

  Kaphtali BOSWELL  Head 39 Thringstone Leicester Hawker    

 Duana BOSWELL  Wife  37   Matlock Bank, Derby

 Theophilus BOSWELL   Son  15   Matlock, Derby

 Israel BOSWELL   Son 12   Matlock, Derby

 Mary Ann BOSWELL Daur  9   Chesterfield Derby


Moses HOLLAND Head 29 Ravenstone Leic Scissor Grinder

Eliza HOLLAND   Wife  22  Matlock Derby    

Mary Ann HOLLAND   Daur 9 m   Castle Donington Leicester        


 Della BOSWELL Hd  80 Wheldon Northton  Peg Hawker    


1881*3 Keen Street: Census Place Stockport, Cheshire

 Oswald BOSWELL  Head  M  Male  48  Scarborough, York  Hawker  

 Caroline BOSWELL  Wife  M  Female  44  Melton Mowbray, Leicester Hawkers Wife  

 Sampson BOSWELL  Son  U  Male  20  Matlock Bath, Derby Clothes Peg Maker  

 Sophia BOSWELL  Daur  U  Female  14  Matlock Bath, Derby Clothes Peg Maker  

 Edward BOSWELL  Son    Male  13  Matlock Bath, DerbyClothes Peg Maker  

 Joshua BOSWELL  Son    Male  10  Matlock Bath, DerbyClothes Peg Maker  

 Milanda BOSWELL  Daur    Female  9  Matlock Bath, DerbyClothes Peg Maker


  Dwelling   Vearous Place Travg Caravan And Tent

  1881*Census Place Leftwich, Cheshire, England

 Lazarus BOSWELL Head U 30 Manchester, Lancashire Horse Dealer    

 Alfred BOSWELL  Nephew  mar 21Wolverhampton Stafford Horse Dealer    

 Mary A. BOSWELL Neice  mar  20 Halifax, York      

 Joseph BOSWELL Brother M 35 St Helens Lancashire Cuttler & Grinder    

 Sarah BOSWELL Sister In Law M 28 Wolverhampton Stafford Hawker    

 Trafalger BOSWELL Nephew 15  Feather Stone York Horse Dealer    

 Israel OLDEN  Other U 18   Sheffield, York Hawker    

 Tryanty LOVELL  Other  U 14 Manchester  Hawker    


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