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1881* Ore Sussex

BOSWELL, Thomas Head 56  Tinman  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Matilda Wife 41   Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, David Son 13  Scholar  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Sam Son 7  Scholar  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Frederick Son 1   Hastings Sussex  

BROWN, James Lodger Widower 58  Tinker  Canterbury


1881*Stoke Upon Trent:Staffordshire.

 BOSWELL, Eli Head 30 Travelling Hawker  Genton Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, Delina Wife 25 Travelling Hawker  Derb

1881* Civil Parish: Olney  County: Buckinghamshire  

John Smith 60 hd scissors/grinder b Brington, Huntingdon

Ann Smith 50 wife hawker b Wooton, Bedfordshire

Marsala Smith 25  dau b Upwood, Huntingdon

Noah Jones 7 g son b Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire


1881 West Ham Essex

 (Travelling Caravan) Meredith Street

 Frank Buckley age 39 Suffolk  Carman

Elvina wife age 32 Hawker  born Suffolk

Mercy dau age 14 Notting hill Middlesex

Leonard son age 12 Petre Suffolk

Albert son age 10 Plaistow essex

Uriah son age 7 Thundersley Essex

Bertha dau age 5 Plaistow

Ambrose son age 2 Plaistow

Joiner Buckley son age 2 months Plaistow


1881 Census*Tysoe: County: Warwickshire  

Van Standing In Hardwick Field Turnpike Side.

(General Dealers Travelling With Vans)

Emanuel Buckland 69  hd b Ratley, Warwickshire

Susannah Buckland 67  wife b Tysoe, Warwickshire

Richanda Buckland 16  dau b Alderton, Gloucestershire

William Buckland 12  son b Stow, Gloucestershire

Anseleaned Green 10  g/dau b Malvern, Worcestershire

Richanda Green 8  g/dau b Bristol, Gloucestershire


George Green 26  hd b Abingdon, Berkshire

Leander Green 26  wife b Swinbrook, Oxfordshire

Edward Green    son b Evesham, Worcestershire

Emily Green 1dau b Worcester City


Goliath Smith 40  hd b Gaydon, Warwickshire

Mary Ann Smith 40  wife b Furley, Warwickshire

 Amelia Smith 10  dau b Beckford, Gloucestershire

Curleena Smith 19  dau b Droitwich, Worcestershire

Goliath Smith 17  son b Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Harry Smith 5  son b Alderminster, Warwickshire

Leah Smith 7  dau b Hinton, Gloucestershire

Rachel Smith 7  dau b Hinton, Gloucestershire

Sedina Smith 15  son b Leamington Warwickshire


1881*Sittingbourne, Kent

Belcher Lee48 hd b Barking, Surrey hawker/Brooms

Phebe Lee45 wife b Linton, Kent

George Lee17 son b Loose, Kent carman

James Lee16 son b Loose, Kent Hawker

Sarah Lee13 dau bLoose, Kent

Stephen Lee17 son b Loose, Kent Hawker


John Hollands 62hd b Langley, Kent, Ag lab

Clary Hollands 58  wife bMaidstone, Kent

Edward Hollands 29 son b Otham, Kent brick/layer


1881:Census:Danby Registration district: Guisborough  

Sub-registration district: Danby  County:Yorkshire

Thomas Atkinson 70  hd Hawker b Swainby, Yorkshire

Ellen Atkinson 72  wife b Perthshire, Scotland

Thomas Atkinson 24  son b Stokesley, Yorkshire

William Gaskin 12 g/son b Whitby, Yorkshire


1881*WoodbridgeCounty: Suffolk  

Street address: New Street Licensed Lodging House

Thomas Gaskin 35  hd b Halstow, Essex pedlar

Mary A. Gaskin 33  wife b Brandon, Norfolk pedlar

Muskett Gaskin 15  sonGreenwich, Kent b pedlar


1881* Ticknall (Derby): Stanton Lane, Ticknall (Derby) County:Leicestershire

BOSWELL, Della Hd F 80 Close Pegg Hawker  Wheldon Northamptonshire


1881*Burton :: Address:77 Napier St, Burton :Staffordshire

SHERIFF Hope Head 26 Cutler & Grinder Mickleover Derbyshire  

SHERIFF Etty Wife  24  Basket Maker  Derby Derbyshire  

SHERIFF Maria Daughter 5  Scholar  Breadford Derbyshire  

SHERIFF Joseph Son 3 Scholar Derby Derbyshire  

SHERIFF Uriah Son1  Derby Derbyshire  

BOSWELL Josaiah Lodger Head  35  Cutler & Grinder  Derby

BOSWELL Eldry Wife 30  Dressmaker  Longton Staffordshire  

BOSWELL Edward Son 8  Scholar  Derby  

BOSWELL Deonah Dau 3  Scholar  Derby


1881*Bath Walcot : Bath Walcot :Somersetshire

BOSWELL Septaria Hd 40 Basket Maker Churchill Oxfordshire  

BOSWELL Sepnephy Wife 50 Churchill Oxfordshire  

BOSWELL Disirah Dau 30  Hawker  Henley Oxfordshire  

BOSWELL Vira Daughter 23  Hawker Bath Somerset  

BOSWELL Leonard Son 21  Hawker  Layfield Oxfordshire


1881*Hereford All Saints:Herefordshire

BOSWELL William Head 45 Cutler Whittlesea Cambridgeshire  

BOSWELL Eliza Wife 38 Layham Suffolk  

BOSWELL Elias Cousin 56 Labourer Worcester

POWELL Agnes Daughter  21  Gen Serv  Notting Hill

BOSWELL Nate Son 8 Scholar  Bath Somerset  

BOSWELL Alfred Son 6 Scholar Tarrington Herefordshire


1881* Bath Walcot County:Somersetshire

BOSWELL, Celina Head Widow 36 Pedlar  Wiltshire  

BOSWELL, John Son 12  Scholar  BathSomerset  

BOSWELL, Louisa Daughter 9 Scholar Bath Somerset  

BOSWELL, Darcos Daughter 6  Scholar  Bath Somerset


1881* Ore Sussex

BOSWELL, Thomas Head 56  Tinman  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Matilda Wife 41   Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, David Son 13  Scholar  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Sam Son 7  Scholar  Canterbury Kent  

BOSWELL, Frederick Son 1   Hastings Sussex  

BROWN, James Lodger Widower 58  Tinker  Canterbury


1881*Stoke Upon Trent:Staffordshire.

 BOSWELL, Eli Hd 30 Travelling Hawker  Genton Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, Delina Wife 25 Travelling Hawker  Derby


1881*Northfield, Worcestershire

Ado Loveridge39 wife b Cleve, Worcestershire

Hesekiah Loveridge38 hd b Worcestershire

Richard Loveridge18 son b Woodcock, Worcestershire basket maker

Conorala Smith13  niece b Pike, Worcestershire


1881 Census, RG11- 2446-50-46 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire.


Zachariah Smith 37 Baysford, Nottinghamshire Head   Clothes Peg Maker

St Helena Smith 36 Wikeley Sudeley, Worc's Wife  

Lewis Smith 18 Inkbury, Worcestershire Son   Clothes Peg Maker

Freddy Smith 16 Bromyard, Hereford, England Son   Clothes Peg Maker

Faith Smith 14 Cotters Green, Worcestershire Son                 Clothes Peg Maker

Edwin Smith 6 Deloy, Worcestershire Son  

Georgina Smith 4 Ayley, Worcestershire Daughter  

Selina Smith 1 Spatchley, Worcestershire Daughter  


In a Tent, On the Engine Ground, Hopewell Hill, with Adam & Letitia Stephens, John & Cauvileer Smith."

Betsey Ghest 1 dau  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Frank Ghest 6 son b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Isiah Ghest 3son  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

James Ghest 29 hd  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire nail maker

Laura Ghest 4 dau  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Mary Ghest 27 wife  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Phelix Ghest 28 boarder  b Wood Gate, Worcestershire


Alfred Lees 11  son b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Eliza Lees 1  dau b Bartley Green, Worcestershire

Hannah Lees 14  dau b Bartley Green, Worcestershire

Harriet Lees 3  dau b Bartley Green, Worcestershire

Harriot Lees 32  wife b Wood Gate, Worcestershire nail maker

Henry Lees 32  hd b Bartley  Worcestershire brick/lab

Henry Lees 5  son b Bartley Green, Worcestershire

Mary Ann Lees 8  dau b Bartley Green, Worcestershire


 James Roberts 37 hd  b Blockley, Worcestershire

Emma Roberts 36  wife b Blockley, Worcestershire

Henry Roberts 12  son b Bournton, Worcestershire

Mary Roberts 1  dau b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

Willie Roberts 5 son b Wood Gate, Worcestershire

 Joseph Alkins 28 boarder b Coventry, Worcestershire


1881 Census*Leicestershire*Freaks Ground (In The Back Yard Field In a Caravan)

Moses Bennett 38 hd brazier and tinman b Nailstone, Leicestershire(ages must be wrong as kids to old?)

Naomi Bennett wife 33 b Leicestershire

Celia Bennett 19 dau b Burton On Trent, Staffordshire

Cornelius Bennett 4 b Leicestershire

Emily Bennett 15 b Leicestershire

Ernest Bennett 12 b Worley, Staffordshire

Fiendia Bennett 17 b Nailstone, Leicestershire

George Bennett son 23 b Leicestershire  scissors grinder

Isiah Bennett 6 b Leicestershire

Jerusalem Bennett 8 b Leicestershire

Sarah Bennett 13 b Hugglescote, Leicestershire


 1881 British Census:Dwelling:Clewer, Berkshire

7 Jutland Place

Job HAZZARD   28 Male Bracknell Berkshire Occ: Hawker

Jane HAZZARD  30  Windsor Berkshire

 Kate HAZZARD 10   Windsor Berkshire

 Eva HAZZARD    6  Clewer Berkshire

Nathan HAZZARD  4  Clewer Berkshire

 Arthur HAZZARD  1 Clewer Berkshire

Ocean SOLEY  22  Bracknell Berkshire Visitor: Hawker

Harry SOLEY   1    Windsor Berkshire  Visitor



HERRON, Isaac Head 59  Hawkers Gipsies  Southburton Lincolnshire  

HERRON, Penpy Wife  55  Hawkers Gipsies  Southburton Lincolnshire  

BOSWELL, Earthelba Gr Dau15  Hawkers Gipsies  DidsburyLancashire  

BOSWELL, Bosca Grand Son 7  Hawkers Gipsies Birmingham


1881*Maughold: Address:24 King Street:Isle of Man

 BOSWELL, Thomas  M 30  Hawker

 BOSWELL, Christina Wife 28  Hawker  Isle Of Man  

BOSWELL, Harriet Daughter  F 5   Isle Of Man  

BOSWELL, Eliza Daughter  F 3   Isle Of Man  

BOSWELL, Thomas Son M 0   Isle Of Man


1881*Greasley: Nottinghamshire

BOSWELL, Sampson Head 60  Gypsy No Occ  Derbyshire  

BOSWELL, Mazy Wife  58  Gypsy  Derbyshire  

BOSWELL, Feliccia Dau 19  Gypsy  Leicester

BOSWELL, Sampson Son 17  Gypsy  Hucknall Nottinghamshire  

BOSWELL, Lavinia Daughter Single F 13  Gypsy  York  

BOSWELL, Flora Daughter 5   York  

BOSWELL, Clarman Grand Son 2 Hucknall Nottinghamshire


1881*St Austell  Roche Cornwall

BOSWELL, ?HeadMarriedM45 Gipsey Nk

BOSWELL, ?DaughterSingleF17 Gipsey Nk

?, ?NephewSingleM14 ((Gipsey)) Nk


1881* Stockport Cheshire.

Address:Dairy Ground In Caravan, Bramhall

BOSWELL, Benjamin Head Married M 49  Horse Dealer  StourbridgeWorcestershire  

BOSWELL, Jane Wife Married F 46  Horse Dealers Wife  Cambridge  

BOSWELL, Rabbi Son Single M 24 Son Bilston Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Lora Daughter Single F 21 Dau  Aldridge Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Herbert Son Single M 18  Son  Stoke On Trent Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Henrietta Daughter Single F 16  Dau  Eccleshall Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Miriam Daughter Single F 14  Dau  Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, Joshua Son Single M 12  Scholar  Weston Acton ?Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Beatrice ? Daughter Single F 10  Scholar  Stoke On Trent Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Albert Son Single M 8  Scholar  Betley Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, ? Son Single M 6  Scholar  Alsager Staffordshire  

BOSWELL, Mary G Daughter Single F 4  Scholar  Cheadle HulmeCheshire


1881*Calveley : Cheshire

BOSWELL, Farance Head Married M 35  Gipsies

BOSWELL, ? Wife Married F 22  Gipsies

BOSWELL, Walter Son Single M 18  Gipsies

BOSWELL, Noah Son Single M 17  Gipsies

BOSWELL, Ann Daughter Single F 5  Gipsies  


1881*Haverfordwest* County:Pembrokeshire

BOSWELL Abraham Hd M 55  Basket Maker Glamorgan Wales  

BOSWELL, Elizabeth Wife Married F 44  Wife Swansea Wales  

BOSWELL, Abraham Son 22  Labourer  Glamorgan Wales  


1881 Census * Sutton Maddock :Shropshire

 BOSWELL, Mackenzie Head 38 Horse Dealer & Gypsy  BilstonStaffordshire  

BOSWELL, Matilda Wife Married  35 Wife  WorfieldShropshire  

BOSWELL, Britannia Daughter  14   HerefordHerefordshire  

BOSWELL, Walter Son 12   WolverhamptonStaffordshire  

BOSWELL, Florence Daughter 9   TrysullStaffordshire  

BOSWELL, Adolphus Son  M 8   TrysullStaffordshire  



BOSWELL, William Son 19 Swansea Wales  

BOSWELL, Mary Daughter 13  Scholar  Swansea Wales  

BOSWELL, Silvester Son  12 Swansea Wales  

BOSWELL, Charley Son  6  Pembroke Wales  

BOSWELL, Schily Daughter  4   Pembroke Wales  


1881*eagle Lincolnshire

BOSWELL, Thomas Head 21  Chimney Sweep  Newark Nottinghamshire  

BOSWELL, Adheline Wife Married F 24  Pedlar  Tuxford


1881*Heaton-Norris (Lancashire):Stockport

BOSWELL, Major Head 27 Chair Turner Wolverhampton Staffs  

BOSWELL, Eliza Wife 26  Hawker  Crewe Cheshire  

BOSWELL, Adorn Son 14  Scholar  Mobberley Cheshire  

BOSWELL, Bartly son 13  Scholar  Northwich Cheshire  

BOSWELL, Cloder Son  7  Scholar  Cheshire  

BOSWELL, Oder Son  4   Derbyshire  

BOSWELL, Experience Son 2   Gorton Lancashire  

BOSWELL, Delere Mother Widow  80  Hawker Deaf  Lincoln Middlesex ?



BOSWELL, Josiah Head 39 Travelling Tinker  Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, Ann Wife 39 Stretton On Fosse Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, Cinderella Dau 20  Norton Oxfordshire  

BOSWELL, Henry Son  15   Warwick Warwickshire  

BOSWELL, John Son 1   Bloxam Oxfordshire


 1881 *Bampton, Oxfordshire

All born Blank?

Esther Loveridge56 wife hawker

Matthew Loveridge58 tin plate worker

Matthew Loveridge16 field worker

Sarah Loveridge18 nett knitter

Dennis Loveridge11


1881*Walsall Foreign, Staffordshire

(Gypsies tent)

May Loveridge 62  hd widoe b Wolverhampton Bucsky, Staffordshire Basket Maker

James Mellor 30   son in law b Bloxwich, Staffordshire coal miner

Matilda Mellor 17  wife bWolverhampton, Staffordshire Basket Maker


1881*Sutton Courtney: County: Berkshire  

Eliza Loveridge 11  b Newbury

Esther Loveridge 5  b Wallingford, Berkshire

Henry Loveridge 3  b Sutton Courtney

John Loveridge 9  b Newbury

Mary Loveridge 30  b Pusey, Berkshire

Richard Loveridge 31  hd b Faringdon, Berkshire tinman&brazier

Richard Loveridge 7  b Abingdon, Berkshire

Rosa Loveridge    infant b Sutton Courtney


Mary Moorhen hd 52 b Southrop, Gloucestershire basket maker

 Thomas Moorhen  son 21 b Abingdon Berkshire basket maker

Annanias Moorhen 22 b Watlington, Oxfordshire basket maker


Eliza Perry 30  wife b Swindon Wilts

James Perry 27  hd Pedlar b Sutton Courtney, Berkshire

Martha Perry 2 b  Sutton Courtney, Berkshire

 George Holtham 7 son in law? Bath, Somerset