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1901 Census

1901 :Census:Newnham: Hampshire

Thomas Buckland 42 hd b Tadley, Hampshire lic/Hawker

Britania Buckland 44 wife b Lasham, Hampshire

Britania Buckland 3 dau b Newnham, Hampshire

Ceney Buckland 9 dau b Newnham, Hampshire

Henery R Buckland5 months

James Buckland 2 son b Newnham, Hampshire

Nelson Buckland13 son b Newnham, Hampshire

Thomas Buckland 7 son b Newnham, Hampshire

Tryphenia Buckland11 dau b Newnham, Hampshire


1901 Census:Swindon:Wiltshire

Jabus Buckland 37  hd b Charney, Berkshire

Annis Buckland 37  wife b

Cornelius Buckland 1  son b Oxford, Oxfordshire

Francis Buckland 6  son b Siddington, Berkshire

Matilda Buckland 17  dau b Bentley, Hampshire

Maud Buckland 9  dau b Wroughton, Wiltshire

Nelson Buckland 19 son b  Purton, Wiltshire

Sally Buckland 11  b Swindon, Wiltshire

Lilly Cooper 38  sister/in law b Swindon, Wiltshire


1901*Alnmouth County/Island:Northumberland

Caravans on Alnmouth Common.

Edward Buckland 4  b Worcestershire,

Emily Buckland 6  b Worcestershire,

Emmanuel Buckland 54  b Worcestershire,Lic/hawker

Emmanuel Buckland 16   b Worcestershire,

Ernest Buckland 18  b Worcestershire,

Eveline Buckland 48  wife b Reading, Berkshire

Georgina Buckland 10  b Worcestershire,

Horace Buckland 26  Worcestershire,

James Buckland 8  b Worcestershire,

Tilly Buckland 12  b Worcestershire,

William Buckland 14 b  Worcestershire,


Harriet Harrison 23  wife b Sheffield, Yorkshire

Joseph Harrison 23  hd b Ripley, Derbyshire Lic/Hawker

Thomas R Harrison 16 months  b Ripley, Derbyshire

Edward Foster 13  lodger b Clay Cross, Derbyshire


1901*Handsworth Ecclesiastical parish: St James County/Island: Staffordshire

Black Patch (Tents and Caravans)

Alfred Davis 14

Camelia Davis 49

Charlotte Davis 16

George Davis 22

James Davis 20

Lac Davis 12

Reuben Davis 50 hd

Bertie Chambers 11

Jane Chambers 34

Manuel Chambers 44 hd

Manuel Chambers 10

Thomas Chambers 7

Walter Chambers 3

John Hinton 17


Alice Smith 22

Arnold Smith 26

Rito Smith 2


Adelaide Hall 1 g/dau

Eliza Potter 3 g/dau

Amy Smith 20 dau

Caroline Smith 50 wife

John Smith 60 hd

Rito Smith 13 son


Bertie Smith 18 son b Nechells, Warwickshire

Delina Smith 20 dau b Small Heath, Warwickshire

Ellen Smith 44 wife b Derby, Derbyshire

Esau Smith 10 son b Handsworth, Staffordshire

James Smith 40 hd b Nechells, Warwickshire

Jeremiah Smith 6 son b Handsworth, Staffordshire

Matilda Smith 14 dau


Carolina Smith 7 b Aston, Warwickshire

Edward Smith 17 b Aston, Warwickshire

Emma Smith 36 b B'Ham, Warwickshire

Howard Smith 1 b Handsworth, Staffordshire

John Smith 5 Handsworth, Staffordshire

Nathaniel Smith 38 b Killingworth, Warwickshire


Lizzie Smith 27 b Coventry, Warwickshire

Thomas Smith 39 b Coventry, Warwickshire

Thomas Smith 4 b Handsworth, Staffordshire


Dick Smith 19 g/son b Handsworth, Staffordshire

Lavinia Smith 91 hd widow b n/k


Arty Clayton 5 b Handsworth, Staffordshire

Clara Clayton 4 b Handsworth, Staffordshire

Frank Clayton 2 b Handsworth, Staffordshire

Leonard Clayton 24 b Smethwick, Staffordshire

Susanna Clayton 22 b Aston, Warwickshire


Tom Davis 18

Adelaide Wilson 10 months g/dau

Camelia Wilson 3 g/dau

John Wilson 2 g/son

Sarah Wilson 28 dau


Ancelina Clayton 48

Frank Clayton 64

Mildera Clayton 12

Phineas Clayton 18

Raboy Clayton 28


Carrie Pritchard 63 wife b United States

Thomas Pritchard 53 hd b Willen, Herefordshire


Alice Felton 11

George Felton 14

John Felton 54

John Felton 20

Mary Felton 60

William Felton 16


Billy Loveridge3

Ellen Loveridge29

Horace Loveridge8

Richard Loveridge30

Sydney Loveridge12


Ada Loveridge 32

Leonard Loveridge 31

Leonard Loveridge 13

Lucy Loveridge 6

Maze Loveridge 1

Thomas Loveridge 4


Carolina Stevens 5

Cenemerta Stevens 23

Cornelius Stevens 33

Jane Stevens 2

Ocearia Stevens 7 months


Bertie Badger 5

Elsie Badger 30

Elsie Badger 2

Fred Badger 10

Frederick Badger 28

Horace Badger 3

Thomas Badger 4


Ethel Loveridge2

George Loveridge38 brick lab

George Loveridge15

Gertie Loveridge4

Gildy Loveridge5

Lily Loveridge10

Polly Loveridge 37


Mathew Loveridge31 gen/labSmethwick Staffs

Matilda ditto 29 wife b Smethwick Staffs

Mathew ditto 12b Handsworth Staffs

James ditto 11 b Handsworth Staffs

John ditto 4 b Handsworth Staffs

Charlotte ditto 2 b Handsworth Staffs


Charlotte Smith28

Lavinia Smith3

Nathaniel Smith30 gen lab

Nathaniel Smith4

Tilly Smith2


Frank Biddle 2

John Biddle 30 umrella repairer

John Biddle 12

Lavinia Biddle 28

Nelson Biddle 6

Sidney Biddle 8

William Biddle 4

William Davis 19


Ellen Hill 48

Ellen Hill 15

Fred Hill 8

John Hill 50 hawker





1901Odiham All Saints / Greywell: North Warnborough : Hampshire  

William Stokes45 head b Basingstoke, Hampshire

Mary Stokes47 wife b Newbury, Berkshire,

Andrew Stokes12 b Warnborough, Hampshire

Eleanor Stokes14 b Andover, Hampshire

 Sarah Stokes6 b Odiham, Hampshire

Charles Turner13 boarder b Crondall, Hampshire

Morris Hicks son in law 24 b Tadley, Hampshire

Brettannia Hicks24 b Basingstoke, Hampshire(note in ancestry reg says brit stoaks some ine has added ?

Alice M Hicks2 b Odiham, Hampshire


1901 Census Hartlebury : Worcestershire  CAMPED  (In tents on Hartlebury common with alot of "Gypsies" including many HibbsBuckland /Winkel /poles?.

Thomas Hodkins 31 all said birth place n/k

Sarah Hodkins 24

Susan Hodkins 20 sister

Thomas Hodkins 5

George Hodkins 4



Alfred Lee29 hd b Lower Sydenham Surrey gen/dealer

Mary Ann Lee29 b Notting Hill

Alfred Lee4 b New Ettham

Councilety Lee8 b New Ettham Kent

George Lee2 b St Mary Cray

Mary Ann Lee6 New Ettham

Sylvester Lee9/12 b St Mary Cray

Samson Roberts18 boarder b Notting Hill



(Caravan travelling Gypsies)

Thomas Lewis 63 hd b East Hagbourne, Berkshire

Councelletta Lewis 52 wife  b East Hagbourne

Famicette Lewis dau15  b East Hagbourne, Berkshire

John Lewis 17  son b East Hanney, Berkshire

Louis Lewis 12 son  b East Hagbourne, Berkshire

Miallerny Lewis dau 22  b East Hagbourne, Berkshire


1901*Hartington, Ashbourne Derby


Amos SMITH head mar 29 travelling cutlery grinder b Leics, morning??

Annie Jane wive 19 b newcastle , Tyne

Amos son 9 b Staffs, Barleston

Micheal son 1 b Derby Mercaston


MacKenzie HOLLAND head mar 50 cutlery grinder b Leics. Shasfold?

Annie Maria wife 46 b Leics, melton Mowbray

Thomas 13 son b derby.

Spizella 9 dau b warwick, Coventry

John 6 b Notts


1901* Croydon surrey

Elizabeth Penfold32 b Tunbridge Wells

Henry Penfold32 all croydon

Henry Penfold9

Phoebe Penfold5

Robert Penfold2

Rose Penfold1

Thomas Penfold7


1901*Plymouth, Devon

Eagle Tavern*(all said visitor as staying in the Tavern.

William Orchard 57  hawker brushes in caravan

Annie Orchard 59  b Queenstown, Ireland

Betsy Orchard 15  b Plymouth, Devon

Carrie Orchard 13  dau b Exeter, Devon

Frances Orchard 9  b Exeter, Devon

Priscilla Orchard 43  b Truro, Sussex

Nelson Smith 19  b Callington, Cornwall

Sophia Smith 21  b Bambery, Oxfordshire

Bessie Hall 27 sister b Weymouth, Dorset travelling Caravan

Druscilla Hall 25 sister b Weymouth, Dorset

John E Hall 24 brother b Paignton, Devon

Patience Hall 29 hd b Weymouth, Dorset


Caravan, Crews Rd, Sandbach, Cheshire RG13/3352 folio 64 pg 13

Horace Smith head mar 32 horse dealer b. Stafford

Martha wife 30 b. Lancs, Rochdale

Lena dau 11 b. Cheshire, Altrincham

Vestar son 8 b. Cheshire, Wilmslow

Horace son 5 b. Altrincham

Alice dau 2 b. Northwich


1901*Census: St Mary: St Mary the Virgin  


John Loveridge 28 hd b Newbury brush hawker

Britannia Loveridge 26 wife by Whitley

Alexander Loveridge 1 month

Hilda M Loveridge 8 b Reading

Leander Loveridge 3 b Reading

Phobe Loveridge 6 b Reading

Herbert Smith 15 cousin b Reading


Job Smith head mar 25 hawker hardware b. Wilmslow

Sarah wife 21 b. Staffs, Newcastle

Harry son 3 b. Altrincham

Clara dau 6 b. Cheshire, Crewe

Clara Griffiths 13 domestic servant b. Staffs, Hanley


1901 CENSUS*Southwick, Sussex

William Stanley 28  hd b Salisbury, Wiltshire hawker

Hekaly? Stanley 22  wife b Gosport, Hampshire

Ruth Stanley 4 months  dau b Fishersgate, Sussex

William Stanley 3  son b Hosket, Hampshire


Alfred J Shoap? 25 hd b Croydon, Surrey hawker

Leander Graen 21 boarder b Mitcham, Surrey

Unity Graen2 boarder b Mitcham, Surrey

Noah Stanley 32 Lodger b Southampton, Hampshire


William Shoap 32  hd hawker b Malsey, Surrey

wife (inserted "did not stay there"

lfred Shoap 4  son b Fishersgate, Sussex

Emma Shoap 6  dau b Fishersgate, Sussex

Violet Shoap 11  dau b Cudham, Kent


1901 Sussex  *Caravans Braggs Lane, Bexhill


Ripley Charity 39 Head Licenced Hawker b, Sussex

Ripley William 35 Head Licenced Hawker Hailsham

Ripley Homey 34 Wife Licenced Hawker Crowboro, Sussex

Ripley Caroline 16 Daur Licenced Hawker Biddenden, Kent

Ripley Thomas 14 Son Rye, Sussex Caravans

Ripley Rosa 12 Daur St John, Sussex Caravans

Ripley Henry 10 Son Beckley, Sussex Caravans

Ripley Moses 18M Son Iden Green, Kent


1901 Sussex*Caravan Opposite Edward Terrace, Bexhill

Ripley George 45 Head General Hawker Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Nancy 40 Wife General Hawker Chichester, Sussex

Ripley Katey 24 Daur General Hawker Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Samuel 23 Head General Hawker St Leonards, Sussex

Ripley Joannah 23 Wife Hollington, Sussex Caravan Standing

Ripley Rose 18 Daur Hailsham, Sussex

Ripley Mark 12 Son Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Job 10 Son Henfield, Sussex

Ripley Henry 8 Son Folkestone, Kent

Ripley George 6 Son Brighton, Sussex

Ripley Louisa 5 Daur Town Malling, Kent

Ripley William 4 Son Hollington, Sussex

Ripley Moses 4 Son Heathfield, Sussex

Ripley John 3 Son Paddock Wood, Kent

Ripley Joanna 1 Daur Dartford, Kent  

Ripley Jessie 1 Daur Hastings, Sussex


1901 Sussex Census:Amberstone, Hellingly

Ripley Letitia 80 Head Hawker Buxted, Sussex

Ripley Raised 19 Niece Hastings, Sussex


1901*Van on Magham Down, Hellingly Sussex

Ripley Olive 56 Wife Hawker Matfield, Sussex

Ripley Mark 51 Head Hawker Hailsham

Ripley Luke 20 Son Hawker Rotherfield

Ripley Mary 19 Daughter Hawker Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Noah 18 Son Hawker Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Abraham 15 Son Hastings, Sussex

Ripley Matthew 8 Son Hastings, Sussex