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1901 CENSUS*Ince in Makerfield Lancashire

(several families all in caravans and hawkers etc)

Thomas Winters 43 b Huddersfield, Yorkshire Hawker of carpets.

Matilda Winters 26 (Nee Heron)b Halifax,Yorkshire

Elias Winters son 3 bInce, Lancashire

Maud J Winters dau 1 b Ince, Lancashire


Maria Dale 34 b Ireland b Leigh Lancashire.

William Dale 45 earthenware dealer


Edward Bentley 29 scissors cutler/grinder

Georgina Bentley 23 hawker lace and pegs b Wales Flintshire

Rhoda Bentley 5 b Ince, Lancashire


Ann J Johnson 60 widow hd b Manchester,

Leno Johnson 40 dau b Manchester,

Annie "" "" 23 dau b Manchester,

John H Sutton 30 son in law b Wigan, lab


Ann Frith 54 widow b Wigan, Lancashire

Richard Frith15 b Hindley, Lancashire coal worker underground


Angelina Boswell 19 wife b Newcastle, Staffordshire

Samson Boswell 22 hd b Angelina Boswell 19 Horse dealer


Cinderella Boswell10 dau b Hindley, Lancashire

Edicar Boswell14 son b Knutsford, Cheshire

Liar Boswell17 son b Manchester, Lancashire

Mernfield Boswell 21 son b Stockport, Cheshire

Lea Lovel 43 hd female b Bamfurlong, Lancashire

Roda Lovel 22 niece b Barnsley, Yorkshire


Clara Boswell 26 wife b Northzitch, Cheshire(found marriage 1895 Clara Bradburn)Blackburn Lancashire

Doria Boswell 5 b Salford, Lancashire

Noah R Boswell 26 hd b Wilmslow, Cheshire

Pheonix Boswell 2 son b Ince, Lancashire


William Cartwright 33 hd b Lowton, Lancashire

Susannah Cartwright wife23 b Winslow, Cheshire

Noah Cartwright 2 months b Ince, Lancashire


Kinsey Kelshaw 40 hd b Cheshire, England Horse dealer

Matilda Kelshaw wife 46 b Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Edna Kelshaw 5 dau b Stockport, Lancashire

Lena Kelshaw 17 dau b Stockport, Lancashire


John Rogerson 25 hd b Stockport, Lancashire Horse dealer

Andrew Rogerson 2 months b Stockport, Lancashire

Evelyne Rogerson 4 dau b Stockport, Lancashire

Fewshaw Rogerson 22 wife b Walsall, Staffordshire

James Rogerson 2 son b Stockport, Lancashire


1901*Holmer Huntington:Herefordshire  

Riley Boswell63 hd b herefordshire Cutler

Henry Bishop41 lodger b Millington, Herefordshire

Emily Bishop 40 lodger b Herefordshire,


1901 Walkley St Mary Town: Sheffield 

Fdk Wm Wilshaw41 Razor/Cutler

Annie Wilshaw38

Arline Senora Wilshaw2

Ethel Wilshaw8

Fdk Wm Wilshaw12

Harold Wilshaw10

Joseph Hy Wilshaw17


Bath Sub-registration district: Walcot  

1901 *CENSUS*

Henry Hughes 29 hd b  Devizes, Wiltshire Hawker

Rosina Hughes 23  wife b Cheltenham Gloucestershire Hawker

Fredk Hughes 7  b Bath

Gilbert Hughes 6/12  b Bath

John Ahcon Hughes 5  b Bath

Mary U Hughes 3  b Bath

Louisa Lock 30  lodger b Cheltenham  Hawker

George Lovell 50 lodger b Cheltenham Hawker


Worthy Buckland 35 B Bath fish dealer

Mary Buckland 37  B Bradford On Avon


Henry Burkland 28  b Bristol fish dealer

Mercy Burkland 28  wife b Colerne, Wiltshire


1901 Somerset, Nailsea(Peddler & Horse Dealer)

William Lock 59, b. Somerset, Cheddar

 Rebecca Lock wife  46, b. Gloucestershire

 Merrick Lock son  29 b. Oxford Upton married Ped/ Horse

Hadam ( Adam )son Lock, age 28 b. Surrey Farmham Peddler & Horse Dealer

Brittannia Lock 20 dau, b. Somerset, Nailsea  Hawker

Maurice Lock17, b. Somerset, Nailsea Peddler/ Horse Dealer

Daughter: Cinderella Lock,6, b. Somerset Nailsea Hawker

Daughter: Lavina Lock, age 14, b. Somerset, Nailsea Peddler

Daughter: Mary Ann Lock, age 13, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Daughter: Chrisable Lock, age 6, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Visitor: Rubin Lock, age 36, b. Gloucestershire Kingswood  a Peddler & Horse Dealer


1901 Shropshire Claverley( Caravan Horse Dealer)

Buzz Lock, age 55, b. Gloucestershire ( AKA Leonard Lock )

Wife: Mary Lock, age 49, b. Cheshire

Daughter: Roda Lock, age 23, b. Shropshire

Daughter: Agnes Lock, age 21, b. Shropshire

Son: Leonard Lock, age 18, b. Shropshire

Son: Johnathan Lock, age 16, b. Shropshire

Son: Alfred Lock, age 14, b. Shropshire

Son: Ezekiah Lock , age 12, b. Shropshire

Son: Henry Lock, age 10, b. Shropshire

Grand Daughter:? Maude Lock, age 6, b. Shropshire


1901 Shropshire, Newport *Waggoner & Carter

Zebulant Locke, age 49, b. Gloucestershire

Wife: Ann Locke, age 40, b. Shropshire, Edmond

Son: James Locke, age 17, b. Shropshire, Hyanersley,

Son: Percy Locke, age 16, b. Staffordshire, Sutton

Son: Horace? Locke, age 13, b. Staffordshire, Sutton

Son: Harold Locke, age 10, b. Shropshire, Tebberton

Daughter: Gladys Locke, age 8, b. Shropshire, Tebberton

Son: George Locke, age 5, b. Shropshire, Newport

Son: Fred Locke, age 4, b. Shropshire, Newport


1901 Shropshire, Newportr

Henry Locke, age 24, b. Shropshire, Forton/Lab

Wife: Lilly Locke, age 23, b. Shropshire, Church Aston

Daughter: Violet A. Locke, age 8 months, b. Shropshire,


1901 Shropshire, Tibberton

Joseph Locke, 41, b. Staffordshire, Croxton

Wife: Maria Locke, age 44, b. Shropshire, Brosley

Son: Joseph Locke, age 18, b. Staffordshire, Stafford

Son: John Locke, age 15, b. Shropshire, Tibberton

Daughter: Marinda Locke, age 11, b. Shropshire, Tibberton

Son: William Locke, age 9, b. Shropshire, Tibberton

Daughter: Francis Locke, age 8, b. Shropshire, Tibberton

Son: Arthur Locke, age 7, b. Shropshire, Tibberton

Daughter: Hilda Locke, age 2, b. Shropshire, Tibberton


1901 Shropshire, Edgton

James Locke 36, b. Shropshire, Admostonn Trav Musician

Wife: Sarah Locke, age 29, b. Shropshire, Dawley

 Bert Locke 24 brother/ b Shropshire Traveling Muscian

Daughter: Sarah Jane Locke, age 6, b. Shropshire, Homer

Daughter: Phoebe V. E. Locke, age 2, b. Shropshire

Daughter: Selina Mary Locke, age 4 months, b. Shropshire, Bridgnorth

1901 Shropshire Tebberton England

House Boy

Leonard Locke, age 14, b. Shropshire Tibberton


1901 Anglesey, Penmynydd, Wales(Horse Dealer)

R. Lock, age 32, b. Shropshire

Wife: Sophar? Lock, age 35, b. Shropshire

Son: Joseph Lock, age 12, b. Shropshire

Son: Charles Lock, age 8, b. Shropshire

Daughter: Violet Lock, age 4, b. Shropshire

Daughter: Lily Lock, age 5, b. Shropshire


1901 Anglesey, Penmynydd, Wales (Horse Dealer)

Charles Lock, age 30, b. St. Asph? Donbigh?

Wife: Mary Lock, age 28, b. Chutes, Cheshire

Daughter: Ida Lock, age 7, b. Mornai? Bridge, Anglesey

Daughter: Meronda? Lock, age 5, b. Besmain?

Son: Meyrick Lock, age 3, b. Anglesey

Daughter Gwendolin? Lock, age 1, b. Anglesey

( Henry Boswell and family is in this caravan )

1901*ParishStockport All Saints  Cheshire 

George Boswell 46 hd cutler b Crewe, Cheshire

 Susannah Boswell 39 wife hawker b Newport, Shropshire

Abram Boswell 7  b MacClesfield, Cheshire

Cimenda Boswell dau 6 b Warrington, Lancashire

George Boswell 1 b  Salford, Lancashire

Harold Boswell 2  b Crewe, Cheshire

John S Boswell 11  b  Congleton, Cheshire

Nathan Boswell 9  b Mowcop, Staffordshire

Samson Boswell 13  b Knutsford, Cheshire


George Boswell 34 b Leck, Staffordshire

Maria Boswell 5 b Droylsden, Lancashire

May Boswell 3 b b Stockport, Lancashire

Nation Boswell 1 b Liverpool, Lancashire

Noah Boswell 9 b Reddish, Lancashire

Planteclia Boswell 30 wife b Northwich, Cheshire

Sarah A Boswell 7 b Manchester, Lancashire


1901 Census St Michael & All Saints Helston Cornwall Union Workhouse

Ann Boswell aged 84 born 1814 Ireland (could be Known as Granny Boswell)


1901 Census* Kenwyn St John Truro Cornwall

William Penfold born 1873 St Austell Traveling Pedlar  28

Bessie Penfold born 1877 Kenwyn Cornwall aged 24

John Penfold born 1897 Kenwyn Cornwall aged 4

Thomas Penfold born 1900 Kenwyn Cornwall aged 1

Christopher Penfold born 1900 Kenwyn Cornwall aged 1


1901 Census RG13/2083/77 page 6 Modbury St George Kingsbridge Devonshire

32 Churchland Green Caravans

James Stanley born 1836 Plymouth Devonshire  65 Head (Hawkers)

Unity Stanley born 1846 born Plymouth Devonshire  55

Thomas Westlake born 1888 Plymouth Devonshire (Grandson) 13

33 Churchland Green Caravans

Richard Stanley born 1871 Plymouth Devonshire  30 Head (Hawkers)

Alice Stanley born 1871 Plymouth Devonshire  30

Genette Stanley born 1894 Plymouth Devonshire  7

Annie Stanley born 1897 Plymouth Devonshire  4

Lancy Stanley born 1900 Plymouth Devonshire  1


34 Church land Green Caravans

Henry Roberts born 1869 Chard Somerset aged 32

Caroline Roberts born 1877 Truro Cornwall aged 24

James Roberts born 1894 Oakhampton Devonshire  7

Fredrick Roberts born 1896 Oakhampton Devonshire  5

Thomas Roberts born 1898 Oakhampton Devonshire  3

William Roberts born 1900 Brent Devonshire  1


35 Church land Green Caravans

Robert James born 1873 St Austell Cornwall Hawker  28

Sophia James born 1875 St Austell Cornwall  26

William James born 1900 St Austell Cornwall d 1


36 Church land Green Caravans

William Stanley born 1861 Plymouth Devonshire Head  40

Betsey Stanley born 1863 Plymouth Devonshire aged 38

Lancy Stanley born 1886 Plymouth Devonshire aged 15

James Stanley born 1888 Plymouth Devonshire aged 13

Taby Stanley born 1889 Plymouth Devonshire aged 12

Gentle Stanley born 1891 Plymouth Devonshire aged 10

Jellity Stanley born 1893 Plymouth Devonshire aged 8

Thomas Stanley born 1895 Plymouth Devonshire aged 6

William Stanley born 1897 Plymouth Devonshire aged 4


1901 Census RG13/2189/87 page 34 St Stephens St Germans Saltash Cornwall

Nelson Buckland born 1855 NK  46

Bessie Buckland born 1851 NK  50

Ayne Buckland born 1879 Holsworthy Devonshire  22

Jane Buckland born 1882 Plympton Devonshire  19

Edith Buckland born 1884 Liskeard Cornwall  17 ( actual name is Eleanor)

Jamie buckland born 1887 USA  14

Moses Buckland born 1889 USA  12

Willie Buckland born 1894 Yealmpton Devonshire aged 7


1901 Census RG13/2112/12 page 15 ST Budeaux Stoke Devonport

Tomas Buckland born 1869 Somerset  32 Horse-dealer

Phebie Buckland born 1871 Plymouth  30 (wife)

Carroline Buckland born 1882 Devonshire  19

Philly Buckland born1890 USA  13

Phiance Buckland born 1890 USA  11

Tomas Buckland born 1892 Cornwall  9

George Buckland born 1897 Plympton Devon 4

Nelson Buckland born 1899 Plymouth Devon  2

Richard Stanley born 1831 Warwickshire  70 ( father in law) living on own means

Ellen Stanley born 1841 Leicestershire 60 (mother in law)

1901 CENSUS*Southwick, Sussex

William Stanley 28  hd b Salisbury, Wiltshire hawker

Hekaly? Stanley 22  wife b Gosport, Hampshire

Ruth Stanley 4 months  dau b Fishersgate, Sussex

William Stanley 3  son b Hosket, Hampshire


Alfred J Shoap? 25 hd b Croydon, Surrey hawker

Leander Graen 21 boarder b Mitcham, Surrey

Unity Graen2 boarder b Mitcham, Surrey

Noah Stanley 32 Lodger b Southampton, Hampshire


William Shoap 32  hd hawker b Malsey, Surrey

wife (inserted "did not stay there"

lfred Shoap 4  son b Fishersgate, Sussex

Emma Shoap 6  dau b Fishersgate, Sussex

Violet Shoap 11  dau b Cudham, Kent


1901 Census*Portsmouth *Kingston and East Southsea


William Stanley 35 hawker flowers b Portsmouth Hants

Eliza Stanley 33 b Portsmouth Hants

Aberalda Stanley 4 b Portsmouth Hants

Bossie Stanley 6 b Portsmouth Hants

Celia Stanley 11 b Portsmouth Hants

David Stanley 1 b Portsmouth Hants

Noah Stanley 14 b Portsmouth Hants

William Stanley 8 b Portsmouth Hants


Mike Stanley 37 hawker in flowers/Plants b Sussex/Brighton (THINK THIS IS DANGERFIELD IN THE 81 AGE 16?

Ada Stanley 32 wife b Sussex/Brighton

Daniel Stanley 7 son b Sussex/Brighton

Lushy Stanley 4 son b Sussex/Brighton

Phoebe Stanley1 dau b Portsmouth Hants

Thomas Stanley 6 son b Sussex/Brighton

Clara Stanley 67 mother b Portsmouth Hants


Emily Stanley hd widow 50 hawker,b Portsmouth Hants

Sam Stanley  son 24 b Portsmouth Hants

Clara Stanley dau 22 b Portsmouth Hants

John Stanley son 20 b Portsmouth Hants

James Stanley son 18 b Portsmouth Hants

Thomas Stanley son 12 b Portsmouth Hants

El s?c?Stanley dau 8 b Portsmouth Hants


Edward Stanley 29 hd/hawker b Portsmouth Hants

Lena Stanley 26 wife b Portsmouth Hants

Lilly  Stanley 8 dau b Portsmouth Hants


1901*Census* Cardiganshire > Cardigan

Marjorie Boswell 35 hawker

Marjorie Boswell 10 dau

Benjamin Boswell 6 son

Rosamell Boswell 4 dau

Sophia Boswell 8 dau