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Census 1851


1851 Census:Sutton Coldfield County: Warwickshire  (Dwelling In Tents)

Rudolphus Bosswell hd 26 b Staffordshire Brazier &tinman

Trinity Bosswell 26 wife b Worcestershire

Caroline Bosswell 3 dau b West Brom, Staffordshire

Dinah Bosswell 6 dau b Cambridgeshire,

Orlanda Bosswell 1 dau b West Brom, Staffordshire


Alfred Bosswell 29 hd b Lincolnshire Brazier &tinman

 Hannah Bosswell 38 wife b Lincolnshire

Azesland Bosswell 2  son b Warwickshire

John Bosswell 4  son b Staffordshire

Leah Bosswell 6  dau b Staffordshire

McKenzie Bosswell 8 son b Staffordshire


John Bosswell 42  hd b Gloucestershire Brazier&Tinman

Rebecca Bosswell 41 wife b  Huntingdonshire

Emily Bosswell 5 dau b Cambridgeshire


1851* To show Thomas Hearn father of Bendigo below)

this is Thomas Rossar-Mescro or Thomas Hearn wrote about in George Borrow's Lavo Lil book)(The Potteries)

1851 Census: KensingtonMiddlesex.

Meshack Hearn 56 Hardings Hertfordshire Hd Basket Maker

Alice Hearn 47 Watford Hertfordshire Wife

Bedingo Hearn 6 Chiswick Middlesex Son Hawker

Mary Hearn 23 Wimbledon Surrey   Daughter   Hawker

Susan Hearn 13 High Wycombe, Bucks daughter

Vergin Hearn 5 Chiswick Middlesex Daughter

Henry Hearn 9 Mnths Chiswick Middlesex Son

John Hearn 12 High Wycombe Buck's Nephew

Thomas Hearn 75 High Wycombe Buck's Grandfather

Potteries." I was lucky to find him as his name mispelt !


1851 Census: Tadley Hants.

Mosses Frankham 36

Elizabeth Frankham 34

Deborah Frankham11 Mo

Elizabeth Frankham 4

James Frankham 5

Marrian Frankham 7

Olive Frankham10

John Gregory 6 lodger

Sarah Gregory 9 lodger

George Bull 45 lodger

Henry Bull10 lodger

Jane Bull 27 lodger

Mary Ann Bull2 lodger


John Frankhum hd 29?39 bUp Haulbone Hants Basket Maker

Ester Frankhum wife 30?33 b Hythe, Hampshire

Louisa  Frankhum 15 b Bramley Hampshire

Keziah Frankhum 13b  Tadley Hants

George  Frankhum 9 b Monk Sherborne

Susan  Frankhumb 7b Whitechurch Hants

Eliza  Frankhum 3 b Monk Sherborne

Henry Frankhum son 1 b Whitechurch Hants


1851*Tadley :County: Hampshire  

 Mary Ann Lovelock22 lodger bTadley Hampshire

Emily Rampton5 Mo dau b Tadley Hampshire

Gentilda Rampton22 bHannington Hampshire

Richard Rampton26 hd b Sherbourn St John Hampshire

Thomas Rampton2 son b Tadley Hampshire


1851Tanworth  Ecc* Parish: St Mary Magdalene  

County: Warwickshire Solihull

Charles Hodgkins 50 Besom maker bHonlyn Arden Warks

Harriet Hadekins 45 b Tiser Oxfordshire

Lirer Hadekins 5 b Tanworth Warwickshire

Mary Hadekins 14 b Hansley Warw

Prady Hadekins dau9 b Coughton, Warwickshire

Siduall Hadekins(male) 4 bTanworth

Susan Hadekins 16 b  Hunston Oxfordshire


Joseph Hadekins 36  bFeckenham, Worcestershire

Ann Hadekins 34  b Inkborrough Warwickshire

Charles Hadekins 8  bNewbold Warwickshire

Joseph Hadekins 2  bTanworth Warwickshire

Reb Hadekins 10  b Aston Cantlow Warwickshire

Thomas Hadekins 12 bHale Odwin Staffordshire


1851*Registration district: Towcester  

Sub-registration district: Abthorpe  

Benjamin Loveridge4

George Loveridge6

Hannah Loveridge30

John Loveridge1

Lenea Loveridge10

Plato Loveridge32 b Shutlanger, Northamptonshire

William Loveridge8



Sub-registration district: Yarm  

Elizt Smith 36  

Hugh Smith 36  

Orlando Smith 2  

Plato Smith 7 Mo  b Middlesbrough, Yorkshire


1851*registration district: Kensington Town  

Elizabeth Taylor 24  

Henry Taylor 20  

Lydia Taylor 2  

Plato Taylor 31  b walford berkshire

Ruben Taylor 18  

Sarah Taylor 66  

Sarah Taylor 12  

Thomas Taylor 1  


1851* Plumstead kent

Betsy Boswell 1  

Mazell Boswell 31  

Plato Boswell 29 b Retford, Worcestershire



1851: Census:Wandsworth (Caravans in yard) Surrey 

Edward Smith 38  hd b Maidstone, Kent,

Patience Smith 38  wife b Hyde, Kent,

Betsy Smith 9  dau b Wandsworth,

Caroline Smith 15  dau b Deal, Kent

Charlotte Smith 4  dau b Deal, Kent

Henry Smith 11  son b Norwich, Norfolk

Patience Smith 13  dau b Moulsey, Surrey

Samuel Smith 7 son b Wandsworth


Ann Bedwell 15  servant b Lambeth, Surrey

Patience Smith 61  wife b Lamberhurst, Kent

Thomas Smith 62 hd b  Wuttnenbury, Kent


Thomas Smith 40 hd b St Mary, Kent Lic/hawke

Amy Smith 36 wife b Crawley, Sussex Lic/hawker

Charity Smith 3 dau b Wandsworth,

James Smith 6 son b Wandsworth,

Mary A Smith 12 dau b Eltham, Kent

Rebecca Smith 18 dau b Cheriton, Kent,

Thomas Smith 14son b Yalding, Kent

John Leach 13 servant b Garrett Lane surrey


 Elizabeth Collison 54  hd b Stockbury, Kent, Lic/hawker

Frayton Collison 13  son b Brighton, Sussex

Jane Collison 19  dau b Lodpidworth,

Richard Collison 16 son b Brighton, Sussex


Henry Gess 40 hd b Pagham, SussexLic/hawker

Rebecca Gess36 wife b Selmeston, Sussex

Amy Gess12 dau b Maidstone, Kent

Henry Gess16 son b Bletchingley, Sussex

Patience Gess9 dau b Brighton, Sussex

Phoebe Gess6 dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Rebecca Gess11 dau b Ipswich, Suffolk

Thomas Gess14 son b Chatham, Kent,


Joseph Chapman 34 hd b Buxted, Sussex

Elizabeth Chapman 34 wife b  Leaves, Sussex,

Patience Chapman 8 dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Betsey Chapman 4 dau b Wandsworth, Surrey


1851 CENSUS *page 45 Redditch Bromsgrove Worecestershire.Salton LaneTent 4

Edward Buckland aged 59 born 1792 Charlbury Oxfordshire

Lucy Buckland aged 58 born 1793 Saxtage Sussex ( nee Boswell)

Job Buckland aged 31 born 1820 Pewin Worcestershire                  

Margaret Buckland 22 born 1829 Kings Norton Worcestershire

Brookshill Lane Tent 1

Thomas Smith 40 born 1811 Pershore Worcestershire Basket Maker)

Alice Smith  40 born 1811 Brington Wickott Worcestershire

Charlotte Smith  13 born 1838 Bellbringhter Worcestershire

Noah Smith  11 born 1840 Norton Warwickshire                    

Agnes Smith  9 born 1842 Stourport Worcestershire

Seth Smith  7 born 1844 Elenbridge Worcestershire                

Margaret Smith 3 born 1848 Kempsey Worcestershire

Salton Lane Tent 2

Edward Ancona 25 b1826 Notgrove Gloucestershire Basket Maker)

Mary Ann Ancona 22 born 1829 NK

Merille Ancona 4 b1849 Wadson Worcestershire          

Salton LaneTent 3

Serhal Ancona  30 b 1821 Marlborough Wiltshire

Mary Ancona  33 b 1818 Hepston Worcestershire

Alfred Ancona  9 b 1842 Fieldton Oxfordshire

Sebana Ancona 7 b 1844 Littleton Somerset                    

Albina Ancona 4 b 1847 Sodmaston Oxfordshire            

Isarah Ancona 1 b1850 Bertham Warwickshire              


1851*Streatham :County/Island: Surrey  

Sabina Cooper 48  Drop??Maker b Lambeth, Surrey

Sabina Cooper 14  


1851*: Rowley Regis: Reddal Hill County/Island: Staffordshire 

Ann Worton 42  b CRADLEY WORCS nail maker

Israel Worton 60  Father widow nail maker

Samuel Worton 46  nail maker