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1861 Census Inkpen Berkshire.Grt Common.

Amos Blackman 57 Boxford Berkshire  Head  Lic/ Hawker

Jane Blackman 47 Buley Dorset Wife

Walter Blackman 19 Kintbury Berkshire Son  Mat Maker

Henry Blackman 16 Hungerford, Berkshire Son Ag Lab

John Blackman 14 Stockerston, Berkshire Son   Ag Lab

Ann Blackman 12 Inkpen, Berkshire  Dau  

Bella Blackman 7 Martimer, Berkshire Dau  

Maurice Blackman 3 Inkpen, Berkshire Son          


John Witlock 55 head b Highworth, Wilts Chair bottomer

Caroline Witlock wife 48 b Hungerford Berkshire

George Witlock 24 b Inkpen, Berkshire

Elizabeth Witlock 11 b Beenham, Hampshire

Happy Witlock dau 5 b Inkpen, Berkshire

Henry Witlock son 7 b Inkpen, Berkshire

John Witlock 15 son b Hungerford Basket/maker

Robert Witlock son 9 b Inkpen, Berkshire

William Witlock son 13 bInkpen, Berkshire


1861*Newbury : County: Berkshire  

James Aldridge 27  hd b Greenham, Berkshire Lic/hawker

Jamima Aldridge 27  wife b Highclere, Hampshire

Ann Maria Aldridge 3  dau b Newbury, Berkshire

Charlot Aldridge 5  dau b Hogbourn Settas, Wiltshire

James Aldridge 10  son b Speen, Berkshire

William Aldridge 9 Mo  son b Newbury, Berkshire

William Aldridge 35 lodger b  Newbury, Berkshire


Amos Black 30 hd b Inkpen, Berkshire

Mary Black 18 wife b East Hendred, Berkshire


 1861*Census: ( Gypsys tent)Belton: Leicestershire

Aaron Boswell head/ 69/ n/k

Che La Rofd Boswell50 sister b Walden, Northamptonshire

Carolina Boswell25 dau/law b Melbourne, Derbyshire

Francis Boswell 4 g/dau(dad George?)b Swannington, Leicestershire

George Boswell22 son b Whatton, Leicestershire

Hezekiah Boswell17 son b Chellaston, Derbyshire

Selina Boswell19 dau b Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Wales

Uriah Boswell 28 son b Cheronshire, N K


1861 CENSUS:Wandsworth: County:Surrey (Lots of Travellers there Caravans & Tents)

(All described as hawkers/basket Makers grinders etc)

Frederick Lane18 Son b Iver, Middlesex grinder

Rebecca Lane 45 wife b Beding, Wiltshire hawker /Tinware

William Lane 47 hd b Beding, Wiltshire Tinman/Grinder


1861 Census:Wandsworth:Surrey (Tents and Caravans)

(Palmers Field)

James Cooper 43 hd b Oxton, Berkshire

Elizabeth Cooper 34 wife b Wooton Bassett Wiltshire

Jane Cooper 11 dau b Newnham, Gloucestershire

Thomas Cooper 8 son b Bow, Middlesex

William Cooper 6 son b Romsey, Wiltshire


Richard Botton25 hdAshware, Surrey b

Ellen Botton22 wife b Croydon, Surrey

William Botton1 Mo b Wandsworth, Surrey


(Checked Image and it was Rawlings)

Edward Rowling* 46 hd b Canterbury, Kent

Betsy Rowling 43 wife b Redbridge, Berkshire

John Rowling 19 son b Lyn, Hampshire

Moses Rowling 3 son b Wandsworth, Surrey

Priscilla Rowling 10 dau b Putney, Surrey

Rachael Rowling 6 dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Betsy Johnson 15 step/daughter b Streatham, Surrey


James Lane hd 33 b Wimbledon, Surrey

Mary Ann lane wife 27 b Dorking, Surrey

James Lane 6 son b Lambeth, Surrey

Traynard Lane 4 dau b Wimbledon, Surrey


James Williams 35 hd b Alderbury, Wiltshire

Eliza Williams 28 wife b Kendal, Buckinghamshire

Eliza Williams 2 dau b Wandsworth,

Elizabeth Williams 15 dau b Oakley, Sussex

Mary Williams 1day dau b Wandsworth,


Joseph Mills 40 hd b Petersfield, Sussex

Naomi Mills 25 wife b Dorking, Surrey

Aaron Mills10 son b Chaley, Sussex

Eliza Mills 5 dau b Frogarts Heath, Kent

Susan Mills 3 dau b Wimbledon, Surrey


Dever Stanley 38 (Divers) hd b Putney, Surrey

Naomi Stanley 34 wife b High Wickham, Buckinghamshire

George Stanley 12 son b Kingston, Surrey

John Stanley 15 son b Hadley, Kent

John Dever Stanley 1 son b Norwood, Surrey

Moses Stanley 18 son b Southwark, Surrey

Rebecca Stanley 7 dau b Clapham, Surrey

Sarah Stanley 9 dau b Southwark, Surrey

William Stanley 9 Mo


Civil Parish of Tywardreath. 1861 Census

Persons Not In Houses,1

Abraham Boswell Hd 72 Basket Maker b Winborne Dorset,,

Unity Boswell Wife 71 Winborne Dorset


James Stotton Head  25 Rag Gatherer Pembrokeshire

Charlotte Stotton Wife 22 Canty Pembrokeshire

Samuel Stotton Son1Bridgewater Somerset


William Wilson Hd 32Cabinet Maker Birmingham

Ann Wilson Wife 37 b Ireland

William Wilson Son 9 Brighton

Roseanna Wilson Dau1 Tavistock Devon


Red Lane End, Great Hampden Bucks 1861

Norris Hearn 1805 Tin Worker Wigginter Hrts

Poss: Norris Warn c1805 Wigginton Hrts s/o Norris

Hanah Hearn 1805 Lacemaker Maidstone Kent

Matilda Hearn 1836 dauLacemaker Chesham Bucks

Ricia Hearn 1841 dau Lacemaker St Marys Kent

Cinamenta Hearn 2843 dau Lacemaker Stokenchurch Ox

Methuslam Hearn 29 son Tin Worker Chesham, Bucks

Mary Hearn daughter in law 25 Lacemaker Wycombe Bucks


1861*Census*St Philip and St Jacob : Gloucestershire 

Worthy Buckland 26 hd b Winterbourne, Gloucestershire

Mary Ann Buckland 26 wife b Bradford, Wiltshire

Fredrick Buckland 3 b Walcott; Bath

Mary A Buckland 8 Mo b Walcott; Bath

Rosana Buckland 4 Trowbridge Wilts

Worthy Buckland 8 son b Bath


1861*Address 19 West St, Hastings St Clement Sussex

 Richard WILLETT  Head  W  Age 65 Occ Ch/ Sweep Emp 1 Man B Hastings, Sussex

 Emma WILLETT  Daur  Age 16

 Grace WILLETT  Daur  Age 13

Samuel WILLETTSon  Age 11

Margaret WILLETT Daur Age 8

Mary Ann HALL M/ In Law Widow Age 67 Occ/H/Keeper B Rye, Sussex


1861Wootton St Lawrence : County: Hampshire  

Edward Rampton1 b Walsham, Hampshire

Elizabeth Rampton3 b Cloford, Hampshire

Emma Rampton12 b Hannington, Hampshire

Gentilda Rampton34 bHannington, Hampshire

Richd Rampton36 b Tealby, Hampshire

Thos Rampton15 b Westbury, Dorset

Windham Rampton7 b Walsham, Hampshire



1861*Census*Falmouth : Penryn  Cornwall

(Lodging house)

James Smith 40  mar/hd b London Tin/plate worker

Mary Ann Smith 46mar/  b Dublin, Ireland

Catherine Smith 6  n/k

Elizabeth Smith 5    n/k

John Smith 8    n/k

Mary Smith 4    n/k

Sarah Smith 11    n/k

Thomas Smith 9    n/k


Festus Boswell36 hd b N, Pipseybrush seller

Honor Boswell34 wife b Camborne, Cornwall

Jessie Boswell dau 3 b Nk Gipsey

Lavinia Boswell6 dau b Nk Gipsey


1861* Bristol St Philip and St Jacob Gloucestershire  

Jubal?Fubal? Smith hd 47Uranton, Wiltshireb  hawker

Mary Smith 43 wife b Fredenton, Warwickshire

Abina Smith12 son b Sodmarton, Oxfordshire

Alfred Smith18 son b Shipton, Oxfordshire

Hannah Smith14 dau b High Littleton, Somerset

Jesse Smith 2 sob b Broadway, Worcestershire

Sophia Smith 7 dau b Netherton, Staffordshire


1861*Hook Norton: County: Oxfordshire

Arkles Smith 79  hd b Bletchington, Oxfordshire

Joheph Smith 54 son married b  Tadmarton, Oxfordshire

Susan Smith 48 sons wife b Banbury, Oxfordshire

Joseph Smith 24G/son b Woodstock, Oxfordshire

James Smith 14  G/son b Tadmarton, Oxfordshire

Job Smith 6  g/son b  Tadmarton, Oxfordshire

John Smith 10  g/son b Tadmarton, Oxfordshire

Silvey Smith 16g/dau  b  Tadmarton, Oxfordshire


1861*Higher Bebington: County: Cheshire 

Isaac Boss 25  hd b Wolton, Lincolnshire grinder/cutler

Mary Boss 24  wife b Liverpool

Matilda Boss 10 niece b Fylar, Yorkshire

Nelson Boss 21  brother b Rugby, Lincolnshire cutler

Samson Boss 18  brother b Nettleby, Lincolnshire cutler

William Boss 9 nephew b H Bebington, Cheshire

Lucy Boss 48  mother widow hawker b St Edmonds, Suffolk


Phoenix Taylor 25  hd b Wolverk, Ampton Shipley Comman

(Basket/Maker )

Elizabeth Taylor 24 wife b Newmarket, Cambridgeshire  hawker

Phoenix Taylor 5  son b Liverpool, Lancashire

Rhoda Taylor 3  dau b Willaston, Cheshire

Wickensa Taylor son 6 Mo b  Hooton, Cheshire


 1861*Bow St Mary:County: Middlesex

(In Tents)and Caravan*

John Boswell 48 hd b Winchester*Lab

Mary Boswell 37 wife b Cambridgeshire

Elias Boswell hd 40 brother b Cambridgeshire Haker

Cinderella Boswell 65 wid/Mother b Gloucestershire

Charlotte Boswell 5 dau b Strude, Kent

Ebenezer Boswell 20son b Northamptonshire Hawker

Matilda Boswell18 dau b Strude, Kent

Nelson Boswell 8 son b Strude, Kent


1861*Census:Mathon Worcestershire.

Ambrose Boswell 42  trav/tinker bNorthamptonshire,

Maria Boswell 32 b Tamworth, Worcestershire

Clara Boswell 9  b Leegh, Worcestershire

Geldrey ? Boswell 13 b  MacHmorton, Herefordshire

Hety ? Boswell 6 b  Hanbury, Worcestershire


1861*Census:Middlesex:St Pancras: Camden Town 

Has? Boswell 50 b Suffolk Street hawker

Cinderella Boswell widow48 b  Shoreditch, Middlesex

Philipea Boswell 85 widow b Shoreditch, Middlesex


*1861Long Critchell Dorset* People not in houses

  William PROUDLEY Head Mar  27  Basket Maker b Hants      

 Mary  PROUDLEY Wife  Mar 26   Hants b Southampton

 Ellen PROUDLEY Daughter 6 Hants b Winchester

 Betsy  PROUDLEY Daughter  4 b Hants Winchester

 William PROUDLEY Son 1  b Hants Southampton


Tent, Rodborough Common, Glos 1861(some notes have Heron/Hearn/ Hearn being used more for the Southern branch*

Edmund Hurn 1816 Marine Store Dealer Nhants(son of Edward

Hearn and  Siberensi(greenleaf)Buckland

Jemima Hurn 1817 Hunts

Matilda Hurn 1836 Nhants

Alice Smith 1838 Nhants

Emilia Hurn 1845 Nhants

Caleb Hurn 1848 Nhants(wed Donna Lee)

Zepreta Hurn 1851 Nhants

Triante Hurn 1855 Nhants(wed John Ryles)this is an alias surname taken from the Christian name Royal in the Hearn family acc to notes from the JGLS)

Lurena Hurn 1856 Nhants (wed Walter Ryles)

Manfield Hurn 1859 Nhants (wed Elvaina Lee)

Madona Smith 1856 Grandchild Nhants

Willian Smith 1860 Grandchild Ely Cam

Nathen Grey 1857 Grandchild Nhants


Ruislip Common, Ruislip 1861

Mark Hearn 1805 Travelor Ruislip(s/o Mullender & Elizth)

Lucey Hearn 1813 Travelor Tansey Ox

Manuel Hearn 1835 Ag Labourer Chasary Brks

Samson Hearn 1837 Chair Bottomer Wettord Hrts

Mercey Hearn 1841 Travelor Rickmansworth

Josiah Hearn 1844 Travelor Bushey Hrts

Leender Hearn 1847  Rickmansworth

Mullender Hearn 1849  Iver Bucks

Abigail Hearn 1856 Northholt Midx


1861 Census RG9-1319-135-35 Broad Chalke, Wiltshire.

 Alfred Benham 33 Marshwood, Hampshire Head  Sweep

Priscilla Benham 23 Grateley, Hampshire Wife

George Benham 6 Minstead, Hampshire Son

Rosana Benham 3 Longham, Dorset Daughter

Mary Ann Benham 5 Months Ansty, Wiltshire Daughter.


1861 Census., RG9-684-124-7 Chilworth, Hampshire.

 Noah Bowers 26 Farnham, Surrey Head   Chair Mender

Mary Bowers 20 Wokingham, Buck's Wife

Eliza Bowers 1 Romsey, Hampshire Daughter

Tents, Camped with Vanderow & Alice Barney, Harriet Barney."


 1861 Census., RG9-720-153-21 Newbury, Berkshire.

Jabes Buckland 27 Sutton, Berkshire, Head Tinman(Jabez)

Rebecka Buckland 25 Stock Cross, Berkshire Wife

Maryan Buckland 6 Reading, Berkshire,Daughter

Fredor Buckland 2 Tadley, Hampshire,Daughter

Thomas Buckland 9 Mths Tadley, Hampshire, Son

Old Newtown Road, Next to James & Lemontany Williams


1861 Census Penryn Falmouth Cornwall

Festus Boswell aged 36 born 1825 Nk Pipsey Cornwall( Brush seller Gypsy)

Honor Boswell aged 34 born 1827 Camborne Cornwall

Jessie Boswell aged 3 born 1858 Nk Gypsy

Lavinia Boswell aged 6 born 1855 Nk Gypsy


Warwick Place, St Mary Abbott Kensington London

Known as the Potteries (Visited by George Borrow)

Bendigo Hearn 1824 Chair Bottomer Herefordshire

Mary Hearn 1825 Chiswick Mx

Matilda Hearn 1856 Notting Hill  

Joseph Hearn 1859 Notting Hill

General Hearn 1860 Notting Hill


Riley Lee 28 Brazier London

Rebecca Lee 27 London

John Lee 10 ?

Selene Lee 1851 Kent

Rhoda Lee 1854 Kent

Michael Lee 1857 Kent