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 1871*Ashbourne : Derbyshire Caravan 1

Nelson Boswell 38 hd b Swinington, Staffordshire

Jane Boswell 40 wife b Selby, Yorkshire

Charley Boswell 8 b Tutbury, Staffordshire

Elias Boswell16 son b Mickleover, Derbyshire

Emila Boswell14 dau b Noel, Derbyshire

Luesa Boswell 23 dau b Repton, Staffordshire

Norana Boswell13 dau b Mickleover, Derbyshire

Sarah Boswell21 dau b Barton, Nottinghamshire

*(Both said Travelling grinders)

Caravan 2*

Sampson Boswell 44  hd b Solsbury, Oxfordshire

Caroline Boswell 30  wife b Melbourn, Derbyshire

Isiah Boswell 36 brother b  Mickleover, Derbyshire

Mary Boswell 65  Aunt b Dunningham, Lincolnshire

Vasta Boswell 10  dau Mira, Leicestershireb

Walter Boswell 4 son b Jakenal, Derbyshire


1871*Newbury:County: Berkshire  

Common Lodging House*

Thomas Buckland 27  b chair/ caner

Rhoda Buckland 24  b London, Middlesex hawker

Nelson Buckland 10 or 18? b Banbury, Oxfordshire

Rhoda Buckland 5  b Jersey, Channel

Mosella Buckland 6 mths  bristol


William Loveridge 34 chair/caner  

May Loveridge 24  b Henley On Thames

Elizabeth Loveridge 10 or 16?  b Farringdon, Berkshire

William Loveridge 1 b Cradle, Hampshire


1871*Charlton  Kent  

Stephen Castle54 hd b Dover, Kent,Umbrella maker

Mary Ann Castle49 wife b Stamford, Lincolnshire

Elizabeth Castle12 dau b Dover, Kent

Henery Castle18 son b Dover, Kent,

James Castle16 son b Dover, Kent,

Nelson Castle14 son b Dover, Kent


(2 pages Thorpe Common in tents*)

1871* Thorpe  : Norfolk  

Arthur Smith29 hd b Hornby, Suffolk

Jenty Smith30 wife b Boston, Lincolnshire

Askin Gray6 step son b Hingham, Norfolk

Norah Gray9 step dau b North Walsham, Norfolk

Obadiah Gray15 b Sprowston, Norfolk


1871 Census Redruth Cornwall

Samuel Boswell aged 40 born 1831 Looe Cornwall Chair mender ( Hawker)

Charlette Boswell aged 29 born 1842 Hatherly Devonshire

Henry Boswell aged 9 born 1862 Jersey Channel Islands

Alice Boswell aged 8 born 1863 Helston

William Boswell aged 5 born 1866 Gurnsey Channel Islands

Sisley C Boswell aged 4 (F) 1867 Chasewater Cornwall

Mary Boswell aged 2mths born 1871 Redruth Cornwall

Traveling with them were family:

Robert Small N/A born Looe Cornwall

Alice Small aged 21 born 1850 Penryn Cornwall

Odessa Small aged 15 born 1856 Millbrook Cornwall

Richard H Small aged 18mths born 1869 Gurnsey Channel Islands


1871 Census * Newbury Berkshire Lod/House .

Thomas Buckland born 1844 Bristol aged 27 (Hawker)

Rhoda Buckland born 1847 London aged 24 ( name West married 1868 (Marylebone London)

Nelson Buckland born 1853 Banbury Oxfordshire aged 18

Mosella Buckland born 1870 Bristol aged 6mths

traveling with family are:

William Loveridge born 1837 NK aged 34 (Hawker)

Mary Loveridge 1847 Henley on Thames aged 24

William Loveridge born 1847 Cradle Hampshire aged 24

Elizabeth Loveridge born 1855 Farringdon Berkshire 16


1871:Census *St Clement Bristol Clifton Glos

Leonard Stephens b Tedworth   Tinman aged 45

Leonard Stephens b 1851 Cheltenham 20 Hawker

Shartotte Stephens b 1826 Gloucestershire aged 45

Traveling with family are:

James Buckland b1842 Stratton Wiltshire 29 Hawker  29

Emily Buckland born 1845 Grove Berkshire aged 26

Leona Buckland born 1859 Chisetton Wiltshire (son)12

Nerelly Buckland b 1863 Leciestershire (dau) 8

William Buckland b 1868 Droitwich worcestershire 3

Travelling with family are :

John Buckland b1836 Clanfield Oxfordshire Hawker 35

Fanny Buckland b 1841 Ashington Berkshire  30

William Buckland b 1854 Hayfield Oxfordshire 17

Motte Buckland born 1856 Hayfield Oxfordshire aged 15

Joshua Buckland born 1858 Worcestershire aged 13

Emmily Buckland born 1861 Lidiyard aged 10

Cinderella Buckland born 1866 St George Bristol aged 5

Circender Buckland born 1868 Crichlet (female)aged 3

Walter Buckland born 1871 Bristol (Infant)

Traveling with family are:

Maphias Phillips born 1844 Prome Oxfordshire aged 27

Mariah Phillips born 1847 Marlow Buckinghamshire 24

Conney Phillips born 1869 Middlesex aged 2

Owen Phillips born 1870 Gloucestershire aged 1


1871 Census * Lamerton Milton Abbot Tavistock Cornwall

Harriett Penfold BWarminster/WiltsLic/Hawker widowed 58

Charlotte Guess b1860 Paignton Devon (Gr/dau)aged 11

Ocean Hughes born 1851 Honiton Devon (visitor) aged 20

Joseph James born 1853 Taunton Somerset aged 18

Alfred Penfold born 1849 Marston Somerset aged 22

Edward Penfold born 1853 Dobwalls Cornwall 18

Elizabeth Penfold born 1847 Sturminster Dorset aged 24

Henry Penfold born 1851 Bridgewater Somerset aged 20

William Penfold b1863 Plymouth (Grdson) aged 8


1871 Census 8 Silverton Tiverton Devonshire

James Stanley b1812 Wellington Somerset Hawker  59

Mary Stanley born 1831 Illmintser Somerset aged 40

Richard Stanley born 1870 Rennbridge Devonshire aged 1

Keeley Stanley born 1870 Taunton Somerset aged 1

Traveling with family are :

Richard Stanley b1831 Dunterton Gloucestershire aged 40

Ellen Stanley born 1836 Neerlaine Oxfordshire aged 35

Megglie Stanley born 1857 Taunton Somerset aged 14

Unity Stanley born 1861 New York USA aged 10

William Stanley born 1862 Taunton Somerset aged 9

Lee Annie Stanley b 1866 Kingsbridge Devonshire aged 5

Betsey Stanley born 1868 Kingsbridge Devonshire aged 3



 1871*Census*Marthall Warford:County: Cheshire  

Major Boswell 30 hd b  Wolverhampton Gipsy camping

Eliza Boswell 38  wife b Crewe, Cheshire Gipsy camping

Bartley Boswell 1  son b NorthwiKnutsford Gipsy camping

O Connor Boswell 4 son b  Cheshirech, Cheshire Gipsy

Deliah Boswell 70 mother b  Birmingham Gipsy camping

Hononr Boswell 29  sister b Wolverhampton Gipsy camping

Siler Lee (male)18  border b Crewe, Cheshire Gipsy camping


Absalent Boilin 45 hd b Lincolnshire Gipsy camping

 Maria Boilin 44  wife b Chester, Cheshire Gipsy camping

Ann V Boilin 18  dau b Crewe, Cheshire Gipsy camping

George H Boilinson 10 b Leck, Staffordshire Gipsy

 Walter Boilin 8  son b Coughton, Cheshire Gipsy camping


Tent of Gypsies Paddock Lane, Wadworth Sfk 1871

George Smith 49 Maker of Clothes Pegs  Notts

Fanny Smith 43 Assistant Willoughby Notts

Eliza Smith 23 Leic

Henry Smith 21  Dbys

Samuel Smith 19 Lincs

George Smith 12 Brampton Yks

Elizabeth Smith 10 Stubbs Yks

Hannah Smith 8  Yks

Isaac Smith 6 Yks

Uriah Smith 4  Pagnell Yks

Harriett Smith 2 Wadworth Yks


Field By Coxes Lane, Beeston Notts 1871

Isaiah Smith 27 Clothes Peg Maker  Lin

Selina Smith 28 Rut

Noah Smith 6  Notts

Isaiah Smith 4 Lincoln

Hawthorn Smith (male) 6weeks Nottingham


Little London, Melton Mowbray Leic 1871

Appeli Smith 22 Brushmaker Skillington Leic Napthali

Hamardine Smith 20 wife Leicester Leic


Byrewenley Smith wid 51 Hawker Waltham Leic

Samuel Smith 16 son Labourer, Harston Leic

Elizabeth Smith 14 dau Gerton Lin

Fanny Smith 12 dau Eaton Leic

Eliza Smith 6 dau Melton Leic


Synamenta Smith 42 wid Hawker Spilsby Lin

Sophia Smith 11 Willoughby Leic

Nathaniel Smith 4 Twyford leic

Nathaniel Smith 24 boarder, unmarried, deaf n dumb. Langham Rut


Thomas Smith 27 Labourer Haston Leic

Eliza Smith 26 Woolsthorpe Leic

Thomas Smith 6 Melton Leic

Cinamenta Smith 4 Derby Dbys

Sarah Smith 2 Melton Leic

Beartrice Smith 2 months Melton Leic


1871 Shropshire, Quatford Census

Noah Lock, age 45, b. Shropshire, Worfield Basket Maker

Wife: Maria Lock, age 35, b. Herfordshire

Son: Noah Lock, age 20, b. Shropshire, Albrighton,

Son: James Lock, age 18, b. Gloucestershire

Daughter: Arremina Lock, age 16, b. Shropshire, Worfield

Son: Zachariah Lock, age 14, b. Gloucestershire

Son: Somerset Lock, age 11, b. Staffordshire, Lecles?

Son: Herbert Lock, age 10, b. Worcestershire

Son: Rabbi Lock, age 8, b. Shropshire, Newport

Dau: Thoedora Lock, age 6, b. Shropshire, Newport

Son: John Lock, age 4, b. Worcestershire

Son: Dobel C. Lock, age 1, b. Shropshire, Worfield


1871*Doncaster :Ecc/parish:St GeorgeCounty: Yorkshire 

(All hawkers on page)

 Eliza Adamo 7 b Doncaster, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Adamo41 (Adams)i think b

Joseph Adamo3  Crowle, Lincolnshire

Robert Adamo42 hd b York, Yorkshire

Robert Adamo12 b Messingham, Lincolnshire

Thomas Adamo18 b Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Marry Smith67 wifes mother b Grifferdam, Leicestershire

Wisdon Smith75 wifes father b Twibell, Leicestershire


Ellen Adamo 19  sister b Misterton, Nottinghamshire

Jane Adamo 19  wife b Bentley, Yorkshire

Jane Adamo 68  hawker gran/mother b York, Yorkshire

John Adamo 22  married b Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire,

Mary Jane Adamo 6 months  niece b Doncaster,


Hannah Dexter 2  b  Castleford, Yorkshire

Mary Ann Dexter 5  b Epworth, Lincolnshire

Sarah Dexter 30 hd unmarried hawker b Newark, Nottinghamshire


Jane Tetley 22  wife hawker b Crossbarrow, Yorkshire

John Tetley 25  hd hawker b Hull, Yorkshire,

Margaret Tetley 3  b Woodbouse, Yorkshire


Emma Sowerby 1  b Doncaster,

Jane Sowerby 3  b  Doncaster,

John Sowerby 27  horse dealer b Crossbarrow, Yorkshire

Margaret Sowerby 5  b Doncaster,

Sarah Sowerby 26  wife b Rawcliffe, Yorkshire


1871:Binsey: Oxford: (Gypsies In Tents) Binsey Lane

George Smith 38 Gen/Dealer b Norwich

Jane Smith 38 Dealers wife Lynne Nfk

Madona or Madora Smith 12  London

Alice Smith 10 b Norwich

Charles Smith 7b  Birmingham

Frederick Smith 5 b Manchester

Margarett Smith 3b Scotland

Scudy Smith 2 (dtr) b Hanley Staffs.

Ernest Smith 7 months b Weston Super Mare


Sarah Chilcott (Wid) 60 Lic/ Hawker Charton

Sarah Chilcott 27 Lic/ Hawker Epping


James Small 29 Lic/ Hawker Ascot Berks

Elizabeth Small 24 Ipswich Sfk

Alamania Small 5 Bruntingthorpe Chs

Lilly Small 3 b Scotland


Horace Lee 30 Annuitant Ipswich

Robert Lee 37 brotherb Moreland Kent

Richard Lee 8 b Nephew Scholar Road, Walworth


Thomas Lee 43 Tinman and Brazier Romford

Caroline Lee 35 Norwich

Richenda Lee 28 Tinman and Brazier Ipswich

Waller Lee 22 Romford

Abednego Lee 20 Tinman and Brazier Bungay Sfk

Edgar Lee 16 Tinman and Brazier Romford


Susan Young (wid) 48 Formerly Lic Hawker Norfolk

Mackenzie Young 20 Lic Hawker Leeds

Lenda Young16 Formerly Lic Hawker Rotherham


Noah Young 27 Formerly Lic Hawker Rotherham

Caroline Young 29 Chelmsford Ex

Oscar Young 4 York


Silvester Boswell (Wid) 60 Cainworker Dover

Byron Boswell 32 Cainworker Berwick Cam

Bruce Boswell 24 Cainworker Halstead

Wallis Boswell 18 Cainworker Sfk

Trafalgar Boswell 16 Cainworker Plaistow