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 1871  Epsom Surrey.

Golden Hope 45 Croydon Surrey Head  Travelling Hawker

Ellen Hope 24 Epsom, Surrey Wife

Golden Hope 20 Epsom Middlesex Son          

Robert Hope 17 Lincoln Lincolnshire Son

Jas Hope 13 Lincoln Lincolnshire Son

Learni  Hope 12 Lincoln Lincolnshire Daughter

Walley Hope 9 Lincoln Lincolnshire Son


 1871 Census: Ewell Surrey.

John Hope 20 Norwich, Norfolk Head Engineer

Genty Hope 24 Battersea, Surrey Wife

Alby Hope 1 Stowmarket, Suffolk Son


1871:Peckham Surrey

 Also there were Nichols/Mathews/Eastwood/Barton families as well.all lic/hawkers and in caravans.

Charity Johnson 21

Charles Johnson 20

Charles Johnson 1


1871*Framwellgate: Durham(Caravans)

Walker Hoadley 48 Bradbury Dorset, licenced hawker

Matilda Hoadley wife 48 Osbridge, Middlesex

Aqilla Hoadley son 16 Oswick Warwickshire

Celia, daughter 12 Wamford Lincolnshire

Ellen Hoadley daughter 10 Wellingborough, Hampshire

Walker Hoadley son Stant Shatford Bucks

William Hoadley son 3 Scotland

John Hoadley 25 Milden Essex

Maltilda Hoadley 25 Holbury Staffordshire


1871* Spalding, Lincolnshire

Jun or Jem?Orwood 7 nephew b Holbeach, Lincolnshire

Beeching Smith 60 mother n/k formerly tinmans wife checked image and it said she knew neither the town or place born.

Susan Raby45 lodger b Spalding, Lincolnshire ag labs wife

Orsery Smith20 lodger b Gosberton, Lincolnshire


Cornelius Smith39 hd tinman brazier b Weedon, Northamptonshire

Susan Smith29 wife b n/k

Terrant Smith4 son b Spalding Lincs

Tom Smith7 son b Whaplode, Lincolnshire

Uriah Smith2  son b Spalding Lincs


1871*Parish: St Swithin: Ecclesiastical parish: Lincoln  Caravan

Ambrus Smith4 b Swinderby, Lincolnshire

Emily Smith8 b Willoughby, Nottinghamshire

Isiah Smith11 b North Scarle, Lincolnshire

Mary Smith30 b wife b Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Mary Ann Smith2 b Norwell, Northamptonshire

Tan Smith13 b son b Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Tom Smith37 brush hawker bSarby, Leicestershire  


1871*Northwich In Tents

Kenzie Boswell 26  lodger b Rushton, Staffordshire tin man

Salethian Boswell 18  

Eleanor Digby 40  

Robert Digby 14  

William Digby 16  

Mary Fraser 55  

John Gallagher 36  

John Harrison 24  

Harry Hatkin 40  

William Kelly 28  

Joseph Maddock 46  


 1871* Bilston, Staffordshire

Breting Boswell 4  b Wales

MacHinsea Boswell 24  b Bilston, Staffordshire tin man

Matildia Boswell 23  b North Salop, Bridge

Rickenea Boswell 1  b Blockwhick, Staffordshire

Walter Norries Boswell 3  b Sedgley, Staffordshire


Ambrouse Smith 3  b Old Hill, Worcestershire

Mary Ann Smith 40  hd b Masbourough

Shandrous Smith 10  b Brelea Hill, Worcestershire

Temperance Smith 12 b Oxfordshire


Ann Smith 10  b Willenhall, Staffordshire

Elizabeth Smith 49  wife b Bilston, Staffordshire

James Smith 16  b Bilston, Staffordshire

John Smith 1  b Bilston, Staffordshire

Joseph Smith 53 ??railway man b Warks

 Joseph Smith 12  b Willenhall, Staffordshire

Morea Smith 4 b Willenhall, Staffordshire


Elia Ellet 20  brother b Bilston, Staffordshire

Hannah Ellet 45  mother b Norfolk,

James Ellet 25 hd b Chester, Cheshire

John Ellet 22  brother in law b Bilston, Staffordshire

McHinseabua Ellet 24  wife(of James)


This is the 1871 census a large camp and for some reason i had a note that it was Makenzie using the name Small ??but I cant remember why I had the note??

This is the census (Gypsies in Camp in tents vans etc)

1871*Binsey, Oxfordshire

Alamania Small 5 b

Elizabeth Small 24 b Ipswich, Suffolk

James Small 29 b Ascot Berks

Lily Small 3 b


Sarah Chilcott  60 hd b Abaston, Essex

 Sarah Chilcott  27 dau b Epping, Essex


Alice Smith10

Charles Smith7

Ernest Smith7 months

Frederick Smith5

George Smith38

Jane Smith38

Madora Smith12

Margarett Smith3

Scudy Smith2


Ann E Webb7

Betty Webb4

Edith Webb2

Edward Webb1 month

Joseph Webb11

Mary M Webb6

Phoebie Webb35

Thomas Webb38

Thomas Webb10


Horace Lee30 hd b Ipswich, Suffolk

Richard Lee8 nephew b Road, Walworth

Robert Lee57 brother b Morland, Kent


Caroline Young 29

Noah Young 27

Oscar Young 4


Bruce Boswell 24

Byron Boswell 32

Frafalgar Boswell 16

Silvester Boswell 69

Willis Boswell 18


Abendege Lee 20

Caroline Lee 35

Edgar Lee 16

Rigserda Lee 28

Thomas Lee 43

Walter Lee 22


Lendon Young 16

MacKenzie Young 20

Susan Young 48


1871* Deal Kent  

 Thomas Lee, 30, Deal, lodger, dealer

Tilda Lee, wife, 30, Hythe, lodger

Thomas Lee, son, 12, Dymchurch, lodger

Patience Lee, daughter, 10, Deal, lodger

Emily Lee, daughter, 7, Hythe, lodger

David Deal, son, 2, Deal, lodger

Polly Lee, daughter, 7 months, Ashford, lodger


1871*Caravans St. Andrew Plymouth

Henry Gess hd 35 Lee Kent travelling/ brush/hawkers

Charlotte Gess 32 wife Weymouth Dorset

Joseph Gess son 12 Plymouth

Elizabeth Gess daughter 8 Guernsey Channel Islands

Henry Gess son 6 Plymouth

Eliza Gess daughter 4 Plymouth

Patience Gess daughter 2 Plymouth

John Gess son 8 months Plymouth


1871*Wandsworth All Saints: Wandsworth  

County: London (Caravans) All Lic/Hawkers or just Hawkers.

George Bartlett 18  servant b Southwark, Surrey

Patience Hall 8  g/dau b Weymouth, Dorset

Charlotte Smith 22  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Edward Smith 61 hd b  Maidstone, Kent

John Smith 18  son b Athony, Cornwall

Patience Smith 61  wife b Hythe, Kent

Alfred Wright 3  g son b Plymouth, Devon

Betsy Wright 25  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Betsy Wright 2  g dau b Plymouth, Devon

next to ****

Caroline Penfold 35  wife b Deal, Kent

James Penfold 32  hawker b Maidstone, Kent

Priscilla Penfold 13  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

also there was **

Amy Beeney 7  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Emily Beeney 17  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Henry Beeney 40  hd b Marden, Kent

James Beeney 4  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

Mary Ann Beeney 13  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Thomas Beeney 11  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

Unity Beeney 15  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Walter Beeney 9  son b Wandsworth, Surrey


George H W Rose 3  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

George Wm Rose 33  hd b Gussage, Dorset

Letitia E Rose 33  wife b Akeley, Buckinghamshire

Sarah A Rose 7  dau b Lambeth, Surrey

Joseph Chapman 65 lodger b Berkhampstead, Sussex

Ellen Denney 17  servant b Wandsworth, Surrey


Amy Smith 59  wife b Waitsham, Sussex

Thomas Smith 61  hdb Romney, Kent

Patience Smith 17  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey


William Tice 61  hd wid b Ashford, Kent

Jane Tice 15   dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Mary Tice 21 dau b Putney, Surrey

Joseph Carr 26  son in law b Manchester

Lydia Carr 25  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Joseph Carr 9 months  g son b  Wandsworth, Surrey

Priscilla Carr 4  g dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

James Tice 1  g son b Wandsworth, Surrey

William Tice 2 g son b Wandsworth, Surrey



Sub-registration district: Ottery St Mary

Lodging House Ship Inn(All had hawkers by side)

Mary Broadway30 b Twerton

Mary Broadway2 b Twerton

William Broadway43 b Lanarkshire (Glasgow), Scotland(weird??

Jane Crocket42

Ellen M Hooper10 months

James Hooper32

Sarah Ann Hooper25

William Henry Hooper4

George Knowles14

Emina Partens22

John Raw68

Philip Slider48

Susan Slider35

Eliza Wells37 married b Bridport, Dorset

Richard Wells30 married b Lanarkshire (Glasgow), Scotland(funny??

Charles Manley 11 months  b Lyme, Dorset

Henry Manley 44  b Exeter, Devon

James Manley 14  b Bridport, Dorset

Mary Ann Manley 4  b Bridport, Dorset

Matilda Manley 47  b Exeter, Devon

Pervis Manley 6  b Bridport, Dorset

Robert Manley 18  b Withecomle, Devon

William Manley 16  b Sedmouth, Devon



Known As Green Alias Sherwoodabt 1825 Nk Hampshire

Known As Green Alias Sherwoodabt 1861 New Forest  Son Of Woman  

Known As Green Alias Sherwoodabt 1866 New Forest  Daur Of Woman

Known As Green Alias Sherwoodabt 1869 New Forest Son Of Woman  



Travelling with Caravan)

Caroline Broadway 30  hawker b Plymouth, Devon  (wife of James)

Charles Broadway 14 son hawker b Roborough, Devon,

James Broadway 33 head / hawker b Plymouth, Devon

Richard Broadway 24 brother hawker b Plymouth, Devon


1871*Reg District: Plymouth

Caroline Broadway 3 g/dau b Barnstaple, Devon

Henrietta Broadway 56  wife b Plymouth

Mary Broadway 26  dau hawker b Plymouth

Matthew Broadway 70 hd basket maker b Southampton!


1871*Torrington Sub-registration district: Winkleigh

Maria Broadway 25  wife  Hawker b Alphington, Devon

Thomas Broadway 28  hd   Hawker b West Molland, Devon


1871 Census*Civil Parish: Staplegate County/Island: Kent

Mary Ransley62 b Chinsford, Essex

Stephen Ransley73 b Benenden, Kent Umbrella Maker

Annie Rose23 niece b Ebony, Kent  Um makers assistant


1871*Census:Beaconsfield : Buckinghamshire  

Hezekiah Alford Age:74 Tramp  born:Leighton Buzzard

In lodging house I think with others also listed as Tramps.


1871*Town: Charing  County/Island: Kent  


George Ripley43 HD B Hellingly, Surrey

Percilla Ripley41 wife b Canterbury, Kent

George Ripley13

James Ripley4

Maria Ripley7

Maryann Ripley11

Celia Ripley1 b Milton, Kent

Moses Ripley22 BROTHER B Hothfield, Kent


George Ripley 15  son b Hellingly, Surrey

Henry Ripley 48  b Hellingley, Surrey lic/hawker

Neomi Ripley 46 wife b Horsham, Surrey

Henry Ripley 23  son b Hellingly, Surrey

James Ripley 17  

John Ripley 13  

Moses Ripley 7  

Naomi Ripley 10  

Pheobe Ripley 12  

William Ripley 8  


1871*Civil Parish: St Anne Limehouse  

Ecclesiastical parish: St John : London  (Tents)

Fredrick Scott 28  Pedling Hawker

Cinderella Scott 26

Charles Scott 6

Elizabeth Scott 4

Fredrick Scott 8


Samuel Lee 45 b Pedling Hawker b Mile End Middlesex Attending,Fairs,Races &Markets

Libernia?or Siberania? Lee 29 wife b Northampton (Assists Husband)