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1891*Stockport :Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary : County: Cheshire  

(kids all b Stockport, Cheshire)

Aaron Boswell6

Charles Boswell12

Cornelius Boswell9

Easar Boswell4

Julia Hannah Boswell1

L Vera Boswell37 b Wolverhampton

Matilda Boswell14

Moses Boswell38 Hawker b Derbyshire,

Sirleathen Boswell17 son b Stockport, Cheshire


1891* Parish: Romsley  parish: St Kenelm  Worcestershire  

(next to each other but recorded seperately)

Sebby Smith19 dau b Bishpome, Herefordshire

Zacharia Smith 50 b Banford, Nottinghamshire


Annie Smith 24  hd b Romsley, Worcestershire

Elizabeth Smith 15  sister b  Illey, Worcestershire


1891*Rudry (Rhydri) County Glamorgan 

Country: Wales  (Gipsies Camp)

Samson Lee 80 head widowerB Hardich, Cheltenham

Alice Smith 60 single b Northamptonshire

Seperet Herne 50 b Northamptonshire

Shanderons Lee 60 son widower b Worcestershire horse dealer

Narfield Herne 33 male widowerb Leicestershire

Doral Smith 35 single b Huntingdonshire

Steven Smith 27 single b Ely, Cambridgeshire

Hellyeare Herne 4 b Swansea, Glamorgan


1891 Census RG12/1807/32 page 10 St German's Cornwall

Thenanant Buckland born 1850 Oxfordshire Hawker aged 41

Betsey Buckland born 1870 Newquay aged 21

Edif Buckland born 1863 Bristol Somerset aged 28

Esther Buckland born 1873 Dartmouth Devonshire aged 18

Henry Buckand Born 1868 Bodmin Cornwall aged 23

Moses Buckland born 1875 Torquay Devonshire aged 16

Nelson Buckland born 1861 St Austell Cornwall aged 30

Rezia Buckland born 1855 Devonshire (wife) aged 36

Thomas Buckland born 1865 USA aged 26


1891 Census Tideford St Luke St German Cornwall

Wiedom Smith aged 36 born 1855 Bristol

Edith Smith aged 35 born 1856 Bristol ( nee Buckland)

Sophia Smith aged 11 born 1880 Banbury Oxfordshire

Nelson Smith aged 10 born 1881 Callington Cornwall

Nathan Smith aged 6 born 1885 Northamptonshire

Wiedom Smith aged 3 born 1888 Banbury Oxfordshire


1891 Census Perranzabuloe Perranporth Cornwall Gypsy Camp

Archord Job aged 60 born 1831 Worcestershire

John Job aged 24 born 1867 St Merryan Cornwall Head

Annie Job aged 23 born 1868 Gwennap Cornwall

Sophia Job aged 17 born 1874 Liskeard Cornwall

Also traveling with them :

John Kirper aged 48 born 1843 Somerset Head

Leynard Kirper aged 16 born 1875 St Verwin Cornwall

Matthew Kirper aged 12 born 1877 St Verwin Cornwall

Harriett Kirper aged 20 born 1861 St Kirper Cornwall


1891 Census* Oldham  Lancashire Caravan journey field

Thomas Buckland b  Birmingham Warwickshire aged 50 traveling seller of Brushes

Arthur Buckland  1884 Birmingham aged 7

Leahard Buckland born 1881 Birmingham aged 10

Peretz Buckland b Birmingham aged 6

Plato Buckland b Birmingham aged 16

Sarah Buckland b Birmingham aged 38


1891 Census* Lawhitton Launceston Cornwall

Henry Cooper b Sainsbury Bonford Hawker aged 30

Sarah Cooper b  Wiltshire aged26

George Cooper b4 Denton Wiltshire aged 7

Henry Cooper b Penryn Cornwall aged 3


1891*census* Somerset, Nailsea  The Heath

William Lock 47 b. Somerset Cheddaricensed Hawker

Wife: Rebecca Lock age 36 b. Wotton under Edge

Son: Merrick Lock age 18 b. Badminton Licensed Hawker

Son: Adam Lock, age 17 b Farmonton Licensed Hawker

Daughter: Naomi Lock, age 15, b. Horfiled, Bristol

Daughter: Ada Lock, age 11, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Daughter: Brittannia Lock, age 9, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Son: Maurice Lock, age 7, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Daughter: Cinderella Lock, age 6, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Daughter: Lavina Lock, age 4, b. Somerset, Nailsea

Daughter: Mary Lock, age 2, b. Farmonton

Daughter: Sarah Lock, age 8 months, b. Midsomer Norton

( census taker noted: this family now resides in a house, occupy a traveling van in summer )


1891*Census* Shropshire, Wombridge

Leonard Lock, age 37 b Gloucestershire Horse Dealer

Wife: Mary A. Lock, age 39, b. Derby, Burton on ----?

Daughter: Rhoda Lock, age 12, b. Shropshire, Newport

Daughter: Jane? Lock, age 10, b. Shropshire, Newport

Son: Leonard Lock, age 8, b. Shropshire, Newport

Son: Jonathan Lock, age 5, b. Worc.?, Gaborn? Luck?

Son: Felix? / Frederick? Lock, age 4, b. Shropshire,

Son: Hezekiah Lock, age 2, b. Shropshire, Newport


BOSWELL Mac Benzie Hd 48 Horse Dealer Milston Staffs

BOSWELL Matilda Wife 44 Worfield Shropshire

BOSWELL Britannia Dau 23 Downton Herefordshire

BOSWELL Walter  22 Basket Maker Wolverhampton Staffs

BOSWELL Florence Dau Moseley Staffordshire

BOSWELL Rudolph Son  15 Trysull Staffordshire  


1891 Census:Stockport Cheshire

BOSWELL, Moses Head Married M 38 Hawker Derby

BOSWELL, L Vera Wife Married F 37 Hawker Wolverhampton

BOSWELL, Sirleathen Son Single M 17 Hawker Stockport Cheshire

BOSWELL, Matilda Daughter F 14 Hawker Stockport Cheshire

BOSWELL, Charles Son M 12 Scholar Stockport Cheshire

BOSWELL, Cornelius Son M 9 Scholar Stockport Cheshire

BOSWELL, Arron Son M 6 Scholar StockportCheshire

BOSWELL, Easar Son M 4 Scholar

BOSWELL, Julia Hannah Daughter F 1


1891Civil parish: Abbots Morton Parish:Worcestershire

Riley Hodgkins 50 Razor grinder

Clara Hodgkins 44 Cutler b Leigh Seriton, Worcestershire

Moses Hodgkins 13 bWarwick,

Rachel Hodgkins 16 bWarwick


1891*Bedminster, Somerset

Alfred James28 hd horse dealer bDevizes

Charlotte James30 wife b Weymouth

Alfred James6 son b Weymouth

Bessie James1 dau b Weymouth

Droucella James3 dau b Weymouth

Patience James4 dau b Weymouth

Patience Hall 50 mother widow b Weymouth

Patience Hall25 sister b Weymouth basket maker

Bessie Hall 23 sister b Weymouth basket maker

Droucella Hall 21 sister bWeymouth basket maker

John Hall 20 brother b Weymouth basket maker

Samuel James20 brother b Weymouth

Joseph Orchet20 visitor widow b Weymouth gen servant

Henry Russel20 visitor married b Weymouth horse dealer

Caravan and Tent, Bowden Down, Brentor, Devon 1891 

Joseph Orchard head 28 licensed hawker Devon Culmstock

Susan Orchard wife 28 licensed hawer Bristol

Sally Orchard daugher 8 Somerset Withycombe

Billy Orchard son 5 Somerset Brendon Hill

Abraham Orchard son 2 Cornwall Roche


1891* Caravan in field/ Love Lane Cirencester Gloucestershire

Sampson James 44 Carpet Hawker b NK

Louisa 42 b NK

Edward 21 Carpet Hawker

Albert 18 Carpet Hawker

Emily 16 b NK

Lena 8 b NK

Ellen 2 b NK

Leah 4 b NK

Samuel 9 b NK

Owen 5 b NK


1891*Shenfield:Reading County:Berkshire

 Beecher Lee 30  hd b Lambeth London

Lucy Lee 26  wife b Langton Somerset

Jessie Lee Infant dau b Shinfield Berkshire


1891 *Census*Mortimer West End: Basingstoke  

Sub-registration district: Bramley: Hampshire (where born could get no information)Gypsy Encampment

Charles Lee 50  

Elizabeth Lee 40  

Albert Lee 12  

Belcher Lee 7  

Charles Lee 21  

Elizabeth Lee 19  

Henry Lee 15  

Johny Lee 17  

Rosie Lee 10  


Doe, Charles  38 b Hollibourne Hampshire

Doe, Cuiderella  26 wife b Durford Berkshire        

Doe, Leonard  11 N.K. Son  

Doe, Nelson  9 N.K.   Son  

Doe, General  7 N.K  Son  

Doe, Louisa  6 N.K. Dau  

Doe, Dorcus  1 N.K  Dau  

Lee, Agnes  16 N.K. Sister-in-law


Cole, Albert  50  Head  

Cole, Jane  44 N.K. Wife  

Cole, Thomas  20  Son  

Cole, Goliath  17 Son  

Cole, Keziah  14 Dau

Cole, Henry  11  Son  

Cole, Francis  5  Son  

Cole, Jesse  3  


1891 Census*Hartley Wintney Hampshire*

Gypsies in tents and Caravans Hazely heath common

(all Gypsies or Hawkers.Note all in tents except Bulcher Buckland who had tent and a caravan!

 Mills 6 weeks  son

Evanglas Mills 2  son

Maud Mills 4  dau

Sabina Mills 22  

Thomas Mills 21  









Bulcher Buckland 50


  Buckland 25  

  Buckland 6  

  Buckland 4  

  Buckland 2  

  Buckland 1  

Henry Buckland 26  

Gregory 13 visitor


Amelina Gregory 20  

Cornelius Gregory 26  


Robert Rogers 58  b Wokingham Berkshire

Rosannah Rogers 65 b Wokingham Berkshire


Charlotte Williams 26  b Wokingham, Berkshire

Job Williams 4  b Wokingham Berkshire

Mary A Williams 2  b Wokingham Berkshire

Salvinas Williams 6 son b  Wokingham Berkshire

Usher Williams 35  hd b Wokingham Berkshire


1891*Banstead, Surrey Reg/district :Epsom

Joseph Pateman 40 hd b Basingstoke, Hampshire Travelling Gypsies

Mary Pateman 37 wife b Andover, Hampshire

Ada Pateman 19 du b Andover, Hampshire

Siberina Pateman  20 dau b Andover, Hampshire

Shipton Pateman 1 son b Andover, Hampshire


John James 54 hd  b Aldershot, Hampshire Travelling Gypsies

Louisa James 52  wife b East Grinstead, Sussex

Ada James 17  dau b Leatherhead, Surrey

Alfred James 24  son b Hadlow, Kent

Elizabeth James 26  dau b Reading, Berkshire

Henry James 27  son b Aldershot, Hampshire

John James 31 son b  Nutley, Sussex

Joseph James 19  son b  Malden, Surrey

Louisa James 23  dau b Greenwich, Kent

Mark James 22  son b Mitcham, Surrey

Rebecca James 29  dau b Aldershot, Hampshire

Robert James 33  son b Molesey, Surrey



Charles Wenman 67  hd b Hastings Sussex  Trav/ Gypsie

Elizabeth Wenman 60  wife b Malden, Sussex

John Wenman 15  son b Crawley, Sussex


 Levi Cooper hd  62 b  Malden, Surrey Trav/ Gypsies

 Lettie Cooper wife  52 b Chittenfold Surrey (Ancestry had a note that alt name Hilden?

But the image was definitely Cooper?)  


1891* Brill Road, Horton cum Studley, Oxfordshire 

John Bland, W, 62, Chair Bottomer, N/ K

Henry Davis, Head, M, 26, Flag Basket Maker, Tetsworth


1891*Horton cum Studley Oxfordshire  Lower Green 

 Jane Smith, Head ?   30, Travelling Tinkers Bedford

Susan Davis, Wife, 22,  Basket Maker Abingdon

Comfort Smith, Dau, 9, Bedford

William Smith, Son 4, Bedford

Jane Smith, Dau, 2, Nap Hill Surrey


Henry White, Head, M, 40, Hawker, Brighton Sussex

Alice White, Wife, 38, Brentford Mddx