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Kindley sent to me  by Lesley many thanks !!


15 Jan 1872         William Hilden son of John & Ann Hilden (Of Canterbury)


21 Apr 1872         Sarah-Ann Ransley daughter of Henry & Ester Ransley (of Leeds Kent)


6 May 1872         Alexander Lee son of Alexander & Gentelia Lee (of Chatham)


12 Jun 1872         Ellen Simpson    daughter of Arthur & Louisa Simpson (of Canterbury)


11 Jan 1873         Elizabeth Hilden daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Hilden (of Canterbury)


18 Feb 1873        Elizabeth Emmett daughter of John & Charlotte Emmett (of Canterbury)


18 Feb 1873        William Thomas Emmett son of Joseph & Ann Emmett (of Maidstone)


22 Feb 1873        Thomas Hilden son of John & Ann Hilden (of Canterbury)


9 Apr 1873           Matthew Scamp son of Riley & Esther Scamp (of Margate)


25 Apr 1873         Emma Smith daughter of Thomas & Angelina Smith (Of Canterbury)


27 Apr 1873         Celia Baker daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Baker (of Chartham)


27 Apr 1873         Henry Smith son of Thomas & Angelina Smith (of Dover)


4 May 1873         Charlotte Gatehouse daughter of Henry & Rosanna Gatehouse (of Canterbury)


4 May 1873         Alice Hilden daughter of Thomas & Angelina Hilden (of Canterbury)


21 May 1873       Diogenes Lee son of Amos & Mary Lee (of Deptford)


22 Jul 1874           Jesse Gatehouse son of Henry & Susannah Gatehouse (of Canterbury)


3 May 1876         Henry Gatehouse son of Henry & Rosanna Gatehouse (of Dover)



Then the travellers/tinkers stopped. This neatly coincided with the retirement of the Rev Gostwyk Prideaux, he died in 1880.

His position was taken up by Rev Anthony Collett who reinstated the collection of fees for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.

So this 16 years of free baptisms, was enthusiastically taken up by the traveller community in Kent. I wonder what the Parishoners made of caravan loads of these  wanderers turning up for the free services of the church and its very generous Rector.



 Mercy Cooper About 1718  Rothewick, , Kent, England


ELGINA Female  

Kent & Home Counties

Kent & Home Counties