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Scottish Census Various Mixed

1881*Christies Field  Edinburgh St Cuthberts Edinburgh Scotland

Phoebe COOPER W 72  England Head Hawker

Florence COOPER   14  England G /dau

Minnie COOPER   9   Scotland G/dau


Pooley MACE  41 hd  Beeson Norfolk England  Horse Dealer

Jane MACE  35  wife England  

Madonna MACE   5 dau Norwich England

Herbert MACE   4   son Dundee Forfar  

Thomas MACE   7 m son Denny Stirling  


William SMITH  40   England  Hd  Horse Dealer

Elizabeth SMITH W 74   England   Hawker


Somsray Reynolds 80 (female)hd hawker b England

Mary Reynolds 30 dau hawker b England



Alfred REYNOLDS  41   England Head  Horse Dealer

Annie REYNOLDS  23   Dumfries   Wife

Robert PURDIE  18   Dumfries d Relation  Horse Dealer


1881*Dalkeith : County: Midlothian  

David Blyth 56  hd Hawker b Yetholm, Roxburghsh

Jane Blyth 52 wife  Hawker b England

Helen Blyth 17  dau b Dalkeith, Edinburghsh


1881*Coldstream  County: Berwickshire  

3 Luke'S Lane

William Rutherford 39  hd hawker b England

Jane Rutherford 37 wife b England

George Rutherford 9  son b Coldstream, Berwickre

Isabella Rutherford 3  dau b Coldstream, Berwickre

John Rutherford 14  son b Coldstream, Berwickre

Margaret J Rutherford 5  dau b Coldstream, Berwickre


5 Luke'S Lane

Ann Smith 51  hd Hawker b Ayr, Ayrre

William Smith 17  son b Jedburgh, Roxburghr


2 Luke'S Lane

Ellen Yule 73  


1881*Inveresk : County: Midlothian  

Address: Encamped On Links In Caravans  

Michael Kelly 58 hd Hawker b (All England)

Mary Kelly 50  wife

Ann Kelly 13  dau

Helen Kelly 17  dau

Henry Kelly 19  son

Hugh Kelly 29  son

Hugh Kelly 8 Mo  g/son

James Kelly 21  son

Joseph Kelly 27  son

 Mary Kelly 25  dau/in/law(wife of Hugh)

Mary Kelly 9  dau

 Sarah Kelly 15  dau

Susan Kelly 18  d/in/law (wife of Joseph)


1881*Civil Parish: Yester  County: East Lothian  

Long Yester East Mains Ruinous Shed

Mathew Kennedy 22  hd Hawker b England

Rachel Kennedy 18 wife b New Monkland, Lanarkshire


John Neilson 30  hd Hawker b Sedburgh, Roxburghshire

Maggie Neilson 23  wife b Sedburgh, Roxburghshire

Mary Neilson 2  dau b Melrose, Roxburghshire

Robert Neilson 3 son b Dunse, Berwickshire


Charles Campbell 36  hd Hawker b Ireland

Mary Campbell 25  wife b England


John Watson 38 hd Hawker b Berwick

Jane Watson 38 wife b New Monkland, Lanarkshire

Alexander Watson 6  son b Swinton, Berwickshire

Betsy Watson 10  dau b Swinton, Berwickshire

David Watson 2  son b Swinton, Berwickshire

Janet Watson 8  dau b Swinton, Berwickshire

 Mary Watson 16  dau b New Monkland, Lanarkshire

Robert Watson 4  son b Swinton, Berwickshire


Robert Watson 30 hd hawker b Swinton, Berwickshire

Agnes Watson 24  wife b Swinton, Berwickshire


1881*Whithorn : County: Wigtownshire  

Address:8. Main St.

Suranna Shaw 65 hd Hawker (Now Unable For Work) b England

Janet Shaw 25  dau Dom. Serv  b Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Margt Shaw 24  dau Dom. Serv b Kirkcowan, Wigtonshire


1881*Civil Parish:Glasgow Barony  County: Lanarkshire  

Address: Caravan Vinegar Hill  

John Smith 23  hd Hawker b England

Matilda Smith 20  wife b England

Priscilla Smith 2  dau b Leith, Edinburgh

William Smith 1 son b Muleforth, Kinrosshire


Address: Caravan Vinegar Hill  

Isabella Cunningham 46  wife b England

William Cunningham 57 hd Hawker b England


Address: Caravan Vinegar Hill

George McGhie 20 head b Glasgow, Lanarkshire gen/servant

Henry E McNulty 18 boarder  b Glasgow, Lanarkshire gen/servant


1881*Town: Kilmarnock : County: Ayrshire  

Address: Cattle Market Caravan  

George Winter 24  hd Hawker b England

Janet Winter 23 wife b Hamilton, Lanarkshire


Address: Cattle Market Caravan

 John Island 40  hd Hawker b England (Possibly mispelt Ireland?)

Christiana Island 15  dau b England

John Island 9  son b England

Joseph Island 13  son b England

Richard Island 19 son b England


1881*Civil Parish: Dundee: County: Angus  


William Woods 30  hd Hawker b England

Jane Woods 29 wife b England

Fanny Woods 3  dau b Dundee, Forfarshire

Jane Woods 5  dau b Dundee, Forfarshire

Luise Woods 11 Mos  dau b Dundee, Forfarshire

Margaret Woods 6  dau b Dundee, Forfarshire


1881*Town: Kilmarnock :County: Ayrshire  

Address: 31 Low Glencairn St  

Mrs. Millar 50  hd Hawker b England

Edward Stewart 17  stepson b England

Mary Ann Stewart 16  dau Hawker b England

William Stewart 20 stepson  Hawker b England


1881*Town: Kelso :County: Roxburghshire  

Address: 82 Roxburgh Street  

Daniel Van Wilson 38 hd hawker b England

Margaret Wilson 28 wife b  England

Elizabeth Wilson 1  dau b  England

Margaret Wilson 9  dau b  England

Mary Jane Wilson 5  dau b  England

Tate Wilson 3 son b  England


1881*Civil Parish: St George: County: Midlothian  

Address: 79 Grassmarket  

Thomas Trayner 43 hd hawker b

Margaret Trayner 43  wife b

Thomas T Trayner 6 son b


1881*Civil Parish: Hawick:County: Roxburghshire  

Address: 15 Loan St  

Mary Munro 32  head Hawker b England

Benjamin Morrison 29 cousin  hawker b Hawick, Roxburghshire

Sarah Morrison 35  cousin b Hawick, Roxburghshire

Mary Morrison 12  boarder b England

Arthur Moyes 14  boarder b Denholm, Roxburghshire

Mary Munro 32  head b England

Mary I Taylor 16  dau b niece b England





1901* Census, Beath; ED: 7A; Line: 12.


Henry Gess 36 born Devonshire, Babcome Head   Showman

Patience Gess 34 B   Devonshire, Babcome Wife

Harry Gess 11 B Kent England, Chapam Son

Rebecca Gess 10 B  England, Kenley       Daur

Joseph Gess 9 B  Lancashire, Oldham Son

Christopher Gess 5 B Lincolnshire Baston Son

John W H Gess 4 Mths B Blantyre Lanark   Son

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