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Stanley Family





The STANLEY tribe of Gypsies who have made their home in Dayton are probably as well known in Cumminsville Hamilton and

the whole south-western part of this state as in Dayton.

They are one of the oldest tribes known that were prominent in England more than 200 hundreds years ago and prided their selves then on their antiquity.


OWEN STANLEY the head of the American branch of the family emigrated to this country from Berkshire in 1856 (I am still not sure about Berkshire as many I have found in Dorset ) And on his death in Indiana was brought back to Dayton LEVI STANLEY son of Owen and widower of the deceased Queen is the recognized head of the tribe, the Stanley's believe or claim

that they

were the 1st family of Gypsies to emigrate to this country, there were Gypsies among the earliest English emigrates to this

country, but Gypsy history is not trustworthy.


Those tribes of early English emigrants were of Welsh Gypsies and wandered in Canada 50 years ago. The Canadian Gypsies

are nomadic tinkers and basket-makers, the Americans are principally horse traders. In the latter occupation the Gypsies seem

to have acquired a skill possessed by no other people in civilized life. There seems to be a sympathy existing between half

civilized people and the brute creation which culture destroys.


It is most likely true that the Stanley's were the 1st important family to arrive here and brought the first properties and became house dwellers especially in Dayton Ohio.

They have purchased 4 or 5 farms a few miles east of Dayton and acquired the old Smith Mansion, this was bought by MRS JEFFERYS of the tribe a short time before her death with the intention of her children occupying it as a residence.

The Stanley tribe pride themselves on being law abiding and tax payers, from Dayton they start out on their fall and winter

trading over the west and south and to this place they return in the spring for home work or for tours through the north


Stanley Family