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Stanley/Buckland/Warton/Hicks/Bryer/Boswell/Lovall /Lee &                                    many others in the USA

                                                                              LYNN MASSACHUSSETTS DEC 10 1920

Extract from The Sunday Herald Syracuse Dec 10th 1920

Kings and Crowns have been going fast in recent years yet Old Bill Stanley 93 wears more firmly the invisible crown of Gypsy Majesty.

 Old Bill is patriarch of the  Stanley tribe of English Gypsies who roam New England from May to till early November like the circus Bill has folded his tent and gone into winter quarters, a pretty white cottage on the outskirts of Lynn.When I called  there was quite a flutter a half a dozen babies Bill's great-grandchildren tumbled from the kitchen door to greet us and the Old king's son James a handsome fellow of 40 went amiably in search of his aged parents.

He found him in the cellar stowing wood. Old Bil emerged a little bent old figure thin and wiry with peering eyes, he chuckled toothlessly when I asked him how the king buisness was doing, “Well now perhaps I am like the King of England more of a demorcat than I am a King” he answered.

“It always makes me mad for folks to give Gypsies a bad name, it ain't right  to think  because we're wanderers we're shiftless or dishonest”


 The Stanley's -  He drew himself up with regal pride that blinded one to his tattered clothes “The Stanley's have family lady, my mother was a Squire's daughter from the North of England, they cast her out because she married one of the wandering clan , But Why, we dealt in Horses. We loved the woods and open road and God's pure air and the simple life is that a disgrace ? “ No lady I tell you it was the best life “.

Old Bill and his wife Marilla came from England here nearly 60 yrs ago They lived in gay painted wagon and often in a tent, Papa Stanley kept up his horse trading.


Mamma Stanley wove beautiful baskets and told fortunes and sometimes danced. The Healthy Stanley family babies grew up and married and had babies themselves. The Stanley Clan now number some 200

“Times have changed” said the little bent King, “ My wife is gone – Yes I suppose  you may call her Queen if  you wish , She was a Queen of brains and heart”.

The Stanley's havent been the same since , we dont go away far now, Nothing is like it used to be Everything costs so much, People hurry so and they dont come buy Horses now Why even my son travels now in a auto!


That's the trouble with living nowadays everything's hurry, Folks wear themselves out They ought to copy us Gypsies Look how long we live and our kind have survived from the time of the first wandering tribes of Egyptians. That's how the name “Gypsy” come.

I'll propably live years, yet there ain't nothing much the matter with me I've always ate drank what I wanted and smoked. It ain't food and  drink and smoking that hurts a man It's worry We dont worry.  Old Bill stopped talking and puffed on his pipe. Ther are certain establishments that would improve him, but sound in heart and  clean in mind is this sovereign Stanley of the open road , this surviving King in a world of tottering thrones.



bill stanley 1920

                                                                                                         GYPSIES WINTER


Extract from The Sunday Herald Syracuse Dec 11th 1898



There is a charm apparent to all in the life of a gypsy ,in summer when the roads are good, the hedges are green and the pasturage on the strips of no man's land and a tent is an ideal shelter.

But when winter comes it is another matter, what do the Gypsies do then ?

In Scotland as anyone knows who has read Guy Mannering the Gypsies have villages or permanent camps, to which  they resort in the winter and in which for the last century or more they have remained throughout most of the year.

 But in England & America the Gypsies have no such permanent camps, they shift themselves as best as they can.

There are certain families Costello & Whartons and others who travel southwards as Autumn approaches and pass the winter in Florida or along the Gulf Coast.

 I have met them camped by the Levees of New Yor. They usually stay close to some city to permit  of fortune telling and horse trading Here they live much as they would in the Northern States in Summer.

The Gypsies of California and those along the Pacific coast have such mild weather they have no need to travel southwards.

But its the Gypsy who remains in the North who is confronted by a serious problem, which he resloves in various ways, some families  there are who by sheer hardihood live through the Winter with no other Shelter than huts & wagons.

 Old Plato Buckland a gypsy made famous by the writings of Groome in England passed such a winter when he first visited America, with his family  he remained in the Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania when the snow was up to the hubs of the wagons. He had small portable stoves in the Tents and boards down wherever possible to stop their feet coming into contact with the frozen ground, paths are cleared about the tents and wagons and a rough shelter is made for the horses, no one complained of the hardship and there was no sickness in the camp the hardest problem was hay and  feed for the horses this had to be purchased as there was no pasturage.

There are a number of Gypsies families who have grown rich like the Stanleys of Dayton Ohio, the Coopers of Summervile Massachussetts, the Hickes of Holyoke These families own houses which they close in summer and take themselves to the roads in luxurious vans then in winter they return to their city homes. They are none the less true Gypsies, because they own houses and they love the free life none the less because they escape some of the rigors of Winter within Doors.


arough annie




























                               EX QUEEN  ANNIE STANLEY

AUG 31st  1921:-

She is Queen Ann Stanley of all American Gypsies, 5 years ago she ruled with King Gus Stanley now dead over 75.000 followers a imgrating horde who obeyed her command. When WW2 came her people wanted freedom so fell her throne and crown. She says the people all want freedom maybe its for the best .